A Little Dictonary

shopping-listBeing a Little…we have our own way of speaking and no, I don’t mean baby talk either.  So here is where you can find translations to words/phrases that I use and love as well as some of my favorites used by Little friends.

If you know of one that you would like to see included here…please comment below or Contact me above and I will add it.


You’re such a GastonFull post on this phrase

Your a Caesar:  Julius Caesar was an Emperor of Rome.  He had natural military ability, and was a fantastic leader of men. He was a good and risk-taking politician and because he was so smart, he was able to become Praetor and Pontifex Maximus all on his own, eventually declaring himself Dictator for life.  This I’ve used as a means of admitting someone has outsmarted me without coming right out and saying so…as Daddy’s sometimes get swelled heads (Giggle).

Dickboat:  (Word courtesy of WWA *Giggle*)  Used in a sentence…”Don’t be a dickboat, Daddy!!!!”


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