Journal: Nov 18, 2017 (Naturally Submissive)

This month has been a struggle for me in, the urge to run home and be with my family STRONG!  My brother-in-law has been sick and my sister struggling.  My BIL is not one to let something as simple as being sick hold him back or rob him of decision making and when I say…… Continue reading Journal: Nov 18, 2017 (Naturally Submissive)

Self Care

Self Love Sunday – I Can Be

I LOVE this song because it reminds me that I can be whatever I need to be.  I can be my Little self, I can be a slave, a submissive, a babygirl or a strong and confident business woman.  I can be soft and yielding or hard and demanding.  I think that often times we… Continue reading Self Love Sunday – I Can Be

Little Care

Little Care:  Occupy your Little while your busy

For the longest time, I avoided being labeled a Little because so many Dom’s and Daddy’s view us as “a lot of work” and I saw that as a bad thing.  But gradually, I had to admit to the white elephant standing in the room…I am not a Middle, I’m a Little. Now, one thing…… Continue reading Little Care:  Occupy your Little while your busy

Friendship · Submission

Who can you run to when you need love?

I had dinner tonight with a slave friend in my local community tonight, whom I have had the pleasure to not only get to know but come to call friend and sister.  She gives me not only her friendship...but an ear to vent to and sound mentoring advise when I need it.  When I lost… Continue reading Who can you run to when you need love?