Garrick groans softly as he feels Selina press her backside down on his hardness.

“Daddy, let me please you, I need to please you.” Selina whispers against his ear. Slowly she slips off his lap and settles on her knees in front of him. Looking up at him Selina asks, “Daddy, your baby girl wants to please you. May she?”

“Yes baby girl…” he says softly his eyes on her face.

Selina gently parts Garrick’s knees and scoots in. Her backside is sore against the backs of her legs in this position but she doesn’t care, only wanting to care for her Daddy.  She looks at his pants and blushes as she sees how soaked they are. Leaning in she inhales but only smells her own scent. Drawing her tongue slowly over the wet bulge she shyly looks up at her Daddy his eyes boring into hers as she tastes her juices on his pants. Blushing even harder she says in a small voice, “I made such a mess Daddy. I need to clean you”

Pressing her face to his slacks she licks and sucks at her juices covering the fabric. Her mouth pressing to the hard shaft outlined in his slacks she sucks at the fabric drawing out her taste. Garrick’s starts to pant as he watches her. “Yes kitten, clean up your mess.”

Moaning softly she uses her mouth and tongue to gather up as much of her juices as she can. She presses her lips around his covered head and sucks hard her teeth digging in through the cloth. A little growl in her head that says, “this cock is mine…” blushing even more at that thought her eyes dart up to his fearing he heard her thought. “Daddy?” she asks, “May I take your cock out now?”

Garrick nods down at her and as she starts to undo his belt Garrick removes his undone tie and loosens the top buttons of his shirt. Selina unhooks the pants and draws down the zipper. She looks up, “Daddy, please lift your bottom up a little, I don’t want the teeth of the zipper hurting you.”

Garrick lifts his butt up and Selina quickly tugs his slacks and boxers down just to his thighs. She bites her lip as she sees his thick cock, “Gods,” she thinks to herself, “what a fucking perfect cock.” Taking the shaft in her hand she grips it and slowly starts to stroke, leaning in she brushes her lips just behind the bottom of the head.

Garrick hisses loudly as he feels her lips tease him. Selina slowly strokes the shaft as she lovingly licks and kisses the head. She flutters the tip of her tongue over his pee hole as she squeezes his shaft tight. Slowly she takes the head into her mouth and then sucks hard on the head. Rolling her tongue along the underside she keeps increasing the suction. Her eyes watching his face. The pressure of the suction making her mouth tight around the head she pushes down forcing the head further into her mouth. Her tongue pressed tightly to the bottom of the shaft as she pulls back and off him with a loud pop.

Panting she quickly takes him back into her mouth and sucks hard on the head. Her hand working the base of the shaft. Garrick is breathing heavy muttering a string of “Oh shit… oh fuck… yesss” he reaches out and grips Selina’s hair tightly. “Gods baby girl, what you do to me…”


Pleasure rushes through Selina as she hears him. She slips her hand from the base of his cock and forces her head down. His thick head hits the back of her throat and she starts to swallow letting her throat tease that head. She takes a deep breath and then shoves down hard gagging as she makes herself take his inches into her throat. She keeps pushing until her nose is buried in the fur at the base of his shaft. Suddenly she feels his hand at the back of her head as he pushes her down even more her nose crushed into him. His growls filling her ears as he holds her there tightly.  Garrick lifts the pressure on the back of her head and she starts bobbing up and down, fucking her face on his cock. Her spit and drool coating the head, shaft and his balls.

Selina takes the head in her mouth once more and starts to suck as hard as she can as she rapidly works her hand up and down the shaft. Garrick moans and squirms his breathing getting ragged. “Fuck.. oh fuck… yes kitten…” and as she shoves her head down taking his dick deep in her throat he yells out, “Ooooffuukk Selinnnnnnnaaaa…. yesss”

She works his cock sucking and stroking it trying to get his gift. She whispers, “Please Daddy… I want it… Daddiee.. please feed me.. I’m so hungry…”

Again she shoves him into her throat and swallows around him. His body shaking hard balls tightening up against his body. She sucks hard on the head once more and after a couple of hard strokes with her hand she hears, “OOhh.. fuck.. here it cums… I’m cumming… FUUUUCCCKKK!!!” he screams out as he explodes in Selina’s mouth. Groaning herself as she feels his thick seed hit the back of her throat. She stops sucking so she can hold his gift in her mouth. Spurt after spurt shoots in to her mouth as his body twitches and throbs. As it subsides she slowly lets his cock slip from her mouth. She rolls his gift around on her tongue savoring the texture and taste then she swallows it down. “Thank you Daddy for feeding your baby girl.’ she says.

Garrick, still breathing heavy and twitching just watches her, his eyes filled with pride, he reaches down and draws her from her knees and pulls her once again into his lap to cuddle her against his chest. Petting her hair he whispers, “Fuck me kitten… what you do to me…” he kisses her deeply catching his own taste in her mouth. Breaking the kiss, “I’m glad I decided to come home early.”

Selina smiles shyly and whispers, “I am too Daddy. I needed you”

“I know Kitten, that’s why I’m here…to take care of you.  Now, I’d like a shower babygirl. Go get it ready for me”, he says.

“Yes Daddy.” Selina says as she slowly gets up leaving her spot between his legs.  Her behind sore and her thighs sticky as she heads back to the master bedroom Selina starts to giggle to herself and Garrick can’t stop the smile that lights his face as he watches her walk out of his study. Damn, he thinks to himself, I’m a lucky man.

Giving her a little head start he stands and pulls his slacks up chuckling to himself at the mess she left. He heads to the bedroom. He quickly slips off his shirt and lays it over the back of a chair before shedding the rest of his clothes and stepping into the bathroom.  Watching her test and adjust the water temperature Garrick leans against the door jam and sighs in contentment, it’s good to be home.

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