This is Chapter 1 of a Story that Garrick wrote for me when he was my Daddy.  As you can tell…it was written during a period when I was being an EXTREME bitch to everyone and some of that “may” have leaked out into my conversations with him…even now I admit NOTHING!!!! (Giggle)

Selina slams the door of her BMW and throws her phone into the passenger seat before burying her face into the steering wheel and releasing the sobs she had been barely holding in.  “This is the last straw” she thinks to herself. “My phone! That cunt of a waitress, it’s her fault!” she seethed, “Spilling an entire glass of water on my phone”. Sighing she thinks, “Gods this has just been the worst day ever. First the dog peeing in the den, then my clients order being messed up, the fight with Kate at lunch and now my phone…UGH!”

She hated when his consultant job kept him out of their home so much, but his job paid so well that she didn’t have to work so how could she complain. “Three more days of this”, she thought to herself, “Three more days until he is home”. Selina just didn’t do well when her Garrick was gone.   Pulling her composure around her like a suit of armor she leans back in the seat and hits the starter button and nothing happens. “FUUCCCKKK!!” she screams in frustration and hits the wheel. Hearing the jingle of the keys in her left hand as it hits the edge of the wheel she blushes hard. “What is wrong with you Selina?” she says aloud. Sliding the key fob into the starter slot she hits the button once more and the car purrs to life.

Releasing the handbrake she puts the car in reverse and begins backing out of the parking space only to suddenly slam on her break as some asshat comes speeding down the aisle. “Fucker” she grumbles under her breath then continues backing out. Putting the car into drive she heads for home.

While driving she thinks back to her fight with Kate and has to admit to herself how stupid it was.   It wasn’t that she meant to be petty and snap at her but had to admit to herself that while she loved Kate dearly she was also a little jealous of her. Kate is Garrick’s best friend and has been in his life a lot longer than Selina. “Argh, I’m such a bitch”, Selina thinks to herself, “I need to apologize to her”. Hitting the call button on the steering wheel to try to reach Kate and make amends.  When nothing happens Selina remembers her broken phone and just screams “Fuck! Fuck Fuckitty fuck fuckfuk!!!!!” and doesn’t try to hold back the tears that well up in her eyes. “What a goddamned no good awful rotten day this has become.” she sobs over and over to herself.

“A bottle of wine and a long soak in the hot tub” she thinks, “That will help”.   Arriving home and pulling into the garage she spies Garrick’s M3 and remembers that she will need to pick him up from the airport Saturday morning. Grabbing her purse, keys and phone, pops the trunk to gets her shopping and heads in glad to be home to end the day.

Entering the kitchen, she puts the shopping down on the island and starts putting items away. When she hears, His voice say, “I just can’t leave you alone for a minute can I?” Selina squeaks with joy spinning towards that sound.  The look on his face halts her in her tracks and makes her knees threaten to buckle at His tone. She realizes something is off not only from the look on his face but the tone in his voice.  Standing in the doorway to the study he is unmoved by the sight of her.  “I love you so much I forget at times what a bitch you can be”.   Still dressed in his grey suit, tie undone and hanging at his neck.

“Daddy…” she starts to say but seeing the look in his eyes she gulps.

“Yes, I’m home you snotty bitch. After that call from Kate this morning I decided to come home early.” he growls before striding across the kitchen and grabbing her by the hair.

Selina yelps at the sudden action but Garrick only tightens his fingers in her hair and gives a jerk before forcibly dragging her into his study.   Once there Garrick pulls Selina over to the leather couch and settles himself with her bent over his knee.  Selina tries to fight but the hand in her hair has moved to grip her neck and his other is holding her lower body in place.

“Daddy… no.. please..” Selina starts to beg.

“No, no begging.  Your attitude and behavior have been so bad I had to leave work. To deal with you“, he says as he jerks her yoga pants and panties down in one quick movement and delivers the first blow to her exposed ass cheek.

“Ooouch! Daddy!” she whines.

“None of that babygirl”, he growls as he starts swatting one cheek then the other. Hard blows of his hand come down on Selina’s backside. Her asscheeks burn and tingle yet the heat spreads out filling her cunt with heat making it dripping wet. Again and again he swats each cheek until they are almost glowing red hot. Tears fill her eyes and run down her face, her voice no longer giving sound to her sobs as she clinches her hands tightly together as with blow after blow Garrick continues his assault on her backside.

The heat and pain are almost too much to stand and all Selina can do is cry out a short plea when suddenly her cunt explodes with the burning electric shock of an orgasm.

“Oh Gods Daddy!!!!” she wails as she cums harder than she has in a long while.   The blows stop as suddenly as they began and she feels Garrick’s hand softly and gently begin to rub her behind and soothe the fire in her flesh.  Overcome with it all Selina can only hang her head and cry in earnest, sobbing his name and Daddy over and over.

“Shhh babygirl, Daddy is home now, Daddy has you…” Garrick croons as Selina begins to quiet only to gasps between sobs as she feels his finger enter her soaking aching cunt. She arches her back and pushes against that thumb and the fire that it is causing. “Dadddieeee…” she cries out trying to shove herself onto his hand. He growls as he feels her pushing her wetness back and soaking his hand. He pushes another finger into her as he grips her hair with his free hand.

“That’s my slut…” he purrs as he puts his thumb and forefinger together in a wedge shape. He pushes hard and starts fucking Selina’s cunt.   Groaning loudly she keeps bucking back against his hand wanting more and more. “Daddy.. please…” she cries out over and over again.

“What kitten?” he asks, knowing how it turns her own to beg for what she wanted from him.  Face red from crying and arousal she still shows a deep blush. “More, more in me…” she stammers.  Garrick slowly slips 2 more fingers inside her and Selina lets out an animalistic groan growl sound. “Oh fuckkkkkkkkkk Daddiiie”. Spreading his fingers wide he pistons his fingers in and out of her soaking wet cunt before wetting his thumb with some of her pussy juice.

Without breaking the rhythm of fucking her cunt he presses his thumb as far inside her ass as he can and is rewarded by her screams of “oh..oh.. yeeessss…” as her body begins  shaking hard on his lap.  Selina is so caught in the sensations he is causing she doesn’t realize she had stopped breathing until she starts to see stars.  Garrick notices her face turning blue and barks, “Breathe kitten”. Gasping for breath she cries out and cums, her orgasm so powerful it almost makes her pass out and her juices to flow out and down all over his suit pants.

Garrick slowly removes his fingers from her soaked holes smiling at the cream that pours out of her soaking his pant legs even more. Selina panting softly, “Daddy… my Daddy’ over and over as she seems to float on a cloud. He gathers her into his arms and murmurs softly in her ear as he rocks her.

Selina blinks and pants slowly coming back to herself. Content in her Daddy’s arms she tilts her head and kisses his throat. Then feeling how wet her thighs are she and how she is still dripping from her sex Selina blushes hard. “Daddy, what happened?, Did I pee on you?” she asks in a very small voice. “Oh gods Daddy, your suit. I’ve ruined it.”

“Hush kitten” he whispers, “hush, it’s ok. It’s just clothes, and no, you didn’t pee. You just came very very hard.”.

“Are you sure?” she asks. “I’ve never felt that before…”

“I am kitten, I am very sure.” he pauses, “and even if you did pee, it would still be alright. These are just clothes, and can be replaced.”  She wiggles on his lap then winces as the soreness from his spanking floods her.

“Daddy, your so hard” she whispers….

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