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Alexa and Little Me

Being a Little isn’t always grins and giggles…sometimes my Little nature can drive me insane in ways that you can’t imagine.  The latest is the Amazon Alexa.  The Little side of me says “GET IT” and it can tell you bedtime stories.  GET IT and it will remind you of the things that you need…… Continue reading Alexa and Little Me

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Fairy Godmother Adventures – Coming Soon

My sabbatical has done wonders for resetting my brain and getting my creative juices flowing.  Happily I am freely regressing Little again and it’s been great for helping me to feel more like my old self.  So with that in mind, I am finally going to get something started I’ve been wanting to do for…… Continue reading Fairy Godmother Adventures – Coming Soon

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“Lost” Update

I wrote before about my stuffie P going missing…several of you have been AMAZING reaching out to me via the Contact me page and offline giving me love and I can’t thank you enough!  I did want to give an update that while he hasn’t been found, I’m doing better. I’m still hurt and missing…… Continue reading “Lost” Update

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Q&A: Fear the wrath of Garrick 😈

So someone sent me a message and asked: “Aren’t you afraid that Garrick will read the bratty things you say/do/post about/towards him and be in trouble” Pfffftttt NO!  Here is the thing, I CHOOSE my moments well, such as when I KNOW that he is swamped at work and I stand a really good chance…… Continue reading Q&A: Fear the wrath of Garrick 😈