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Developing Trust with little things

When you are beginning a new relationship, building trust is important.  When you’re starting a new D/s relationship it is a cornerstone of the foundation (in my humble opinion).  But how do you know when you have developed trust?  How do you know that you really and truly trust this person to care for you…… Continue reading Developing Trust with little things

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10 Ways to Restart Your D/s

  When I saw 10 Ways to Restart Your D/s in my reader…I was intrigued, even though I don’t have a D/s or DD/lg to restart.  However, from the moment I started read to the end of the post…I LOVED IT!!!  So many good points that so many of us probably don’t think about.  It’s so…… Continue reading 10 Ways to Restart Your D/s

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If this were the land of DC Comics…

So you want to be my Superman and save me from the evils of this world? Well can I be honest? That really doesn’t impress me much; I mean let’s face it, Superman does what he does because he has the super powers and its expected from him. Yeah I know, I’m in a minority…… Continue reading If this were the land of DC Comics…