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Somebody to love

Single in this lifestyle…we can say that it’s harder for sub types, Dom types…those over 35…but in truth, all of us struggle to find that person who is the perfect fit for us.  As a Little in her early 40’s…it was a struggle as I always felt like I was competing with the 20 somethings…… Continue reading Somebody to love

Little Care

Reminders, Rituals, and Bedtime Stories

Tonight, I want to share my feelings and thoughts on bedtime rituals, reminders, and bedtime stories.  Yes, I am a strong and independent professional woman and can do anything I put my mind to.  Here’s the thing, sometimes I get so wound up being that awesome that getting to bed and staying there can be hard…… Continue reading Reminders, Rituals, and Bedtime Stories

Little Care

Little Care:  Occupy your Little while your busy

For the longest time, I avoided being labeled a Little because so many Dom’s and Daddy’s view us as “a lot of work” and I saw that as a bad thing.  But gradually, I had to admit to the white elephant standing in the room…I am not a Middle, I’m a Little. Now, one thing…… Continue reading Little Care:  Occupy your Little while your busy

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Caring for your Daddy/Dom/Master

Being an S type in the lifestyle can be hard…but how often do we stop to think of how hard it can be for the D types?  This is something that I tend to forget a lot…so when I’m chatting in forums and I hear a D type talk about flaky s-types and posers…it reminds…… Continue reading Caring for your Daddy/Dom/Master


Forms of Power Exchange in Age play

Those unfamiliar with the DD/g dynamic tend to think that a Daddy Dom just waits on his Little hand and foot and does everything that SHE says.  That he is soft and easy and that we only get things like corner time (shudder) or line writing (second shudder).  Some will even roll their eyes at…… Continue reading Forms of Power Exchange in Age play