Dating Laughter

Bit of an asshole.jpgWhen your a submissive trying to date in this life style…you will reach a point where you ask yourself…is it just me? What the HELL am I doing to attract these weirdo’s? Well, relax…it’s not you, it really is them.

Every now and then…I get a message that just makes me shake my head in wonder.  I then ask myself, should I even bother to respond.  Often I will go to view their profile and that in it’s self is just another reason to shake my head at what they believe to be a successful approach to getting a sub type to choose them.

Here I will share posts on the off the wall, out the clear blue…just stupid that I encounter while dating as a submissive Little in the BDSM pond.  The other reason for sharing…is so that those new to the life style who may find this blog can see that these types of messages happen to everyone and it’s not jut them but also…to let them see that they don’t have to accept it, take it, or settle for it.

Seeking House Mouse – His words, not mine (Giggle)

Babygirl and Little’s as M.I.L.F

Blind Date and Rejection


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