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Dating Update: Aug 6, 2017

So here is a quicker update than I had planned but a few people have emailed asking about Mr. and I wanted to answer in one spot.  Mr. is a very attentive man to both me and Mrs. and has shown me in the last month that is possible for a man to care/love two women equally.

I spent the weekend with them and I had an AWESOME time.  For starters, we had dinner on Friday and “checked” in.  It’s not like he holds court but he asked Mrs. about some things, asked me about my things and told us about his.  We both asked questions and he answered.  One thing I enjoy about Mr. is that he takes what he needs (within the understood limits) from us but he also validates us providing those needs.  Mrs. can’t do bondage and I LOVE IT…that will be our thing but she can join in as there are things she can do/enjoys that I am free to watch as well.

I also got to watch how well he takes care of her in her little space and a part of me felt a little envy….not jealousy which surprised me.  He doesn’t hide is affection with one of us from the other…it was actually also nice to watch him go back and forth between us, always touching, caressing, or forehead kisses.  It was always whichever one he came upon first and never, she’s the wife and then me.  At one point, he managed to get her bra off and feasted on her boobs for like 5 minutes…it wasn’t sexual, just him taking what he needed.  I was squirmy and got bent over the bed and nice spanks while she watched before we all went to watch movies.

The biggest annoying thing about Mr. is that he tends to take his role as Master/Dom/Daddy very serious.  He will ask when something is bothering you, he will give you some time to gather your thoughts but he is coming back to resume the conversation so you don’t get to hide your thoughts/feelings from him.  It is his belief that they belong to him and is willing to take them from you even if he has to cuff and spank you to help you release it.

As of yet, I haven’t had to get a punishment spanking but he has used that voice a couple of times as a warning (Giggle).  I have a great friendship with them both, but more Mr. is teaching me a lot about myself that I hadn’t realized.  I always assumed that I am to insecure and jealous to share my man or to be in a Poly/Triad situation.  I have NEVER felt jealous of Mrs, inferior to her, or that I am a substitute or stand in for her.  When he greets me, it’s always with a hug and kiss and “Hey Little One/Beautiful/Sexy” even if over the phone.  When I am at their house I am free to cook and take care of him as I want and always get hugs and forehead kisses with “thank you sweetheart” to affirm that my actions hold value to him.

I have also heard him telling Mrs. how much he loves her and giving her the same validation when she does things for him as well.  When I asked Mrs. if she ever felt jealous or insecure having a Triad she told me IMMEDIATELY “NOPE, Mr. gives me love and acceptance no matter what”.  A part of me thinks this is why she is so open and loving towards me…she already knows her value to him and is secure in it which allows her to help me find my place with him.

I think it’s also in part that Mr. is secure in himself as a Master/Daddy/Dom.  He openly admits to his short comings but he doesn’t allow those to take away from his power.  He tells me his exception of me (within our understanding) and he praises me when I meet it, scolds me when I don’t and then reassures me of his affection for me.  I was honest with him about the love I have for Mr. Goodnight in my heart, and that didn’t derail him from still wanting me.  He can see that I need a strong/strict Daddy in my life and he wants to be that for however long I allow him to and being honest with myself in writing this, I want that as well.

As for will he write/comment on my blog….I don’t know.  He knows about it and has read it but we haven’t talked about comments/joint writings.  Let me also add that in sharing my blog with him, it allowed me to see how protective he can be.  He read a previous post and sent me a text asking who it was, apologizing if it had been him.  I reassured him it wasn’t him and his next statement was “no one makes you cry babygirl….not even me”.  It really warmed my heart to know that he cared.

I also learned that while Mr. enjoys my playful bratty side, calling him “Dude” is a spanking offenses.  I tried switching to “Buddy” (Giggle) I was advised this was ALSO a spankable name.  On one hand, Mr. enjoys my apple bottom but on the other, he has big hands and LOVES to spank so it could hurt…..but on the other….he never said anything about “meathead” or “Buster” maybe I should give those a try…what do you think? 😏 😈 😏 😈😏 😈😏 😈😏 😈


7 thoughts on “Dating Update: Aug 6, 2017

  1. yayyy!!! happiness is awesomes and you seem happy, you’re Mr n Mrs. seem to be very nice and care deeply for you, Triads are beautiful wondrous relationships built on communication and trust n then everything else on top of that, so when he asks n gives you time to answer, you needs to tell him or her or them cuz its for your own well being and the well being of your situations 🙂 … or you could do whatever n make him extract that info from you.. whatever works for you and is allowable of course 🙂

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