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Off Topic Rant

I don’t normally write about politics…however right now I am SOOOOOO ANGRY AND PISSED that well I need to vent this off my chest.  I have ALWAYS been proud to say that I come from a family who has for generations stood up to serve and defend this country.  I have known and called friends, brothers, and sisters TO MANY who gave their life dying for this country and I still miss each and every one of them.

From the time I was young and in school learning about the Holocaust, I wondered how Germany ever allowed a man like Hitler to come to power and quite frankly…I’m starting to think that I see it now.  For reasons that I don’t understand, and probably never will, our country is being….run….lead….bullied by a crazy man with no morals, no respect for women or veterans….hell he doesn’t respect anyone who doesn’t kiss his ass and play yes man.

Over the last week, several men and women whom I love and respect have started the process of retiring from our military, unable to serve under this person.  I have taken this in strides until yesterday it hit me, losing these people means there will be a lacking of quality leadership the next time we are called into battle.  This means that many more could lose their son, daughter, husband, wife, mother, father due to the tantrums of this deranged monkey siting in the highest office we have.  This especially hits close as I realized that I could be among those people when my son begins serving his enlistment next year.

I just want to say that if you voted for the thing who is now leading our country then I hope that someone comes to YOUR home where you and YOUR loved ones live and unleashes a rabid monkey on you to return the favor you have bestowed on us.

That someone will give a crazy person with lose morals and no conscience access to all that you hold near and dear and allow them to do what EVER they want to you and yours (just because they were able to bully everyone else into getting their way) while you are helpless to do anything but sit by, watch, and hope that nothing really bad happens before his time is up.

Now that I have gotten that out of my system….my apologies if you were offended by my PERSONAL views but I don’t give a FUCK as this is my blog and I don’t care.  Everyone else, hugs….kisses….and thanks for allowing me to share.



12 thoughts on “Off Topic Rant

  1. I DID NOT vote for that incompetent, immature, bullyish, narcissistic dictator. He is a disgrace in every way and I will never understand the people who continue to support this moron and cheer for him. He has disrespected the brave and committed men and women who serve in our military with his careless and cruel actions. Every day he reveals more of his ignorance and stupidity. He is a fuc**n jackass.
    Thanks for letting me blow off steam!!

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