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Fairy Godmother Adventures – Coming Soon

My sabbatical has done wonders for resetting my brain and getting my creative juices flowing.  Happily I am freely regressing Little again and it’s been great for helping me to feel more like my old self.  So with that in mind, I am finally going to get something started I’ve been wanting to do for a while now…write more stories!

Long time readers of my blog know that I am a HUGE believer in Fairytales…but tend to adapt them more to my twisted Little style of thinking (Giggle).  While Cinderella had one in a housecoat hood…mine, well she wears a low cut glitter gown with push up sparkly bra.  Her make up is on POINT and she takes HOT DAMN SEXY to a whole new level.

She became a Fairy Godmother not because she wanted to or was born to it but because one night she drank to much and got hustled in a game of pool.  When she lost, the Pool shark cast a spell on her to serve 7 years and put her belove in a sleeping coma.  The only way she can earn time with him is to make a Little girl smile.

That’s all well and good except when the counsel told her that good deeds and selfless acts were the power behind her wand and could take up to 6 to 8 months to coax each one from a person she said FUCK THAT and made a side deal with some dwarfs for pixie powder instead.

If you’ve seen my Fairy Godmother in action, I invite you to share the sighting.  And if your Fairy Godmother is as unconventional as mine, I invite you to share her tale as well.


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