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Q&A – Bedtime stories

I had a new Daddy email me via my “CONTACT ME” section to ask…

would u realy breakup with a guy cause he wouldnt tell u a story at night?

5-woman-share-reminders-relationship-rock-solidMy answer…. HELL YES!

I tell ALL GUYS who date me, bedtime stories are a DEAL BREAKER for me!  In fact, I make sure to ask it within the first 20 questions…the quest for them stories BE REAL for me!  I held Story Daddy hostage for MONTHS and he only got away once he had found his own Little (Giggle).

But in all seriousness, this is about the bonding that happeneds as you close out day and end your night.  It doesn’t always have to be a fairy tale…in fact, Story Daddy use to read me whatever research stuff he was wading through for his thesis and NONE of it was on my level of comprehension.  For me, it was his tone of voice and feeling safe to let go of my “big girl” issues, regress into my Little space and fall asleep safely in his care.

For the record, it takes a LOT of trust for me to ask a guy to tell me a story before I go to bed, as I am at my most vulnerable at this point and liable to say/tell you my deepest darkest secrets if you were to ask me.

If I’m honest (which I do strive to be here) it’s one of the biggest reasons I wasn’t really able to regress with Mr. Goodnight.  I asked, he would say he would and then he didn’t.  So it broke a trust with me on both levels.  I asked for it over the phone, in person and even loaned him my FAV story book to give him a chance to read it and find one he liked.  It never happened and after bringing it up 3 times…I was done.

In the beginning of getting to know The Couple I asked Mr. his stance on it and he said it was something he was open to doing.  Mrs. giggled and agreed with me that it’s something soothing and enjoyable.  Those answers combined made me feel comfortable in getting to know them and moving forward with them.  In fact, your question actually prompted me to ask Mr. for a story tonight which both me and Mrs. are looking forward to.

So my advice is, KNOW FOR SURE if this is something that you are willing and able to do before taking on the role of Daddy or Caretaker to a Little.  If you google this, you will see studies done that show this is a great way to bond as a couple.  It’s something you can do over the phone or video chat if your long distance or cuddled up in bed together.  You can read from a book or you can make up your own.  CSM use to make up Selina’s Naughty Nature tales (Giggle) which were stories of things that happened to bratty Little girls who get lost in the woods and Garrick use to tell me the “dark and twisted side” to the Disney fairytales.

Also, be honest with yourself and your answer on this subject.  Don’t just assume it’s something that doesn’t matter because like me…it could be a deal breaker.  Do you really want to fall in love with someone only to lose them over something that you saw as so small?  If your saying no because your thinking “I would feel stupid/silly” then I say HELLOOOOOOOOOOO Daddy’s are SUPPOSE to be silly!!!!  Little’s love silly things like tickle monsters, nipple thefts, and kissing bandits.  The sillier our Daddy/Care taker is willing to act with us, the more special, cherished and cared for we feel.

Hope this helps and THANKS for following my blog!


P.S. Follow the bedtime tags for some of my favorite stories to share with your Little and Story Daddy tags for the tale of his indentured service (insert evil giggle here)


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