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“Lost” Update

I wrote before about my stuffie P going missing…several of you have been AMAZING reaching out to me via the Contact me page and offline giving me love and I can’t thank you enough!  I did want to give an update that while he hasn’t been found, I’m doing better.

I’m still hurt and missing him but The Couple have been amazing in helping me cope.  Mrs. actually offered to loan me a stuffie and Mr. asked if I wanted him to help me look for him.  I think that at one point he was going to offer to buy a new one but caught himself and both gestures meant the world.  I did have one person say they had found him but then changed it to “oh I was only joking” being that they saw the reward posters I had put up around my apartment complex.

During my sabbatical several attempts where made to purchase a new stuffie by my Aunt and friends but lets face it…P is irreplaceable to me.  Who else will keep Bob from rallying the other Minions and leading a revolt?  Who else will keep me from creating a Minion army and taking over the world?  Who else will share my seafood allergy and love of cheese puffs?

I’m not giving up hope as of yet…I have to believe that P is out there on an adventure journey for new stories to tell me and that he will fight his way back to me.  CSM suggested that Bob sold him into slavery to an area Dominatrix who has him tied up in her dungeon doing all kinds of kinky things to him.  Tied to a St Andrews Cross with a ball gag in his mouth and ginger in a naughty place.  Goodness I don’t want to believe that Bob could double cross us that way but I have to admit that when I think of P being lost, that last one does bring a smile to my face even if I do have to look at Bob with the side eye. (Giggle).


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