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Dating Update: June 30, 2017

I can’t wait till I no longer write these, when I’m no longer dating and instead spending time with my Daddy being happy happy, sad and happy.  But that’s not today so…yeah.  The guy who messaged me after Mr. Goodnight, was really sweet and nice but in the end, he didn’t really “get” the DD/lg dynamic and wasn’t really willing to learn.

Mr. Busy man, yep, got busy again but still sends me messages at least twice a week to say hi which is nice.  I’ve chatted with a couple others but really…there wasn’t much to be offered.

Mr. Goodnight is still a part of my life and I really do enjoy our time together.  He does make a point of trying to show me that I am important to him and that I matter and it’s nice.  There are times that that little voice in the back of my mind tries to tell me that he does these things because he wants a romantic relationship with me but I squash that out REAL quick.  Even when I got into it with my sister and wanted to speed up the move out, he was ubber sweet and gave me a key to his apartment telling me to feel free to come over anytime.

I won’t lie, I happily accepted and even left a “to go” bag there for nights when I sleep over to go straight to work.  Luckily within a couple of days I got the wake up call that made me realize that using the key isn’t a good ideal.  He is going to meet someone who awakens the Dom in him and he needs to be free to have her come and go without having to worry about me showing up.  So this revelation made me realize that I need to start spending time with my other kink friends to (A) get myself back on track to living the life that I want and (B) to not monopolize his free time when he does have it.

The thing that sucks the most about coming to this “grown up” decision?  I miss spending time with his dog.  I feel TOTALLY free to be my natural Little self with his dog who looks at me like an actual person would and listens to me when I am rambling on.  He gives me unlimited love and affection and his excitement to see me when I showed up just made my heart soar.  I’ve been trying to coordinate with Mr. Goodnight to spend time with him but it hasn’t worked out.

On another front, I meet a couple who is good friends with a local Dom that I have great respect for.  It’s funny but they are exploring DD/lg as she is comfortable with being a slave but just learning to be Little.  Spending time with them has been amazing as he calls me “Little One” without realizing it and treats me the same as he treats her when we spend time together.  They are looking for a 3rd in their relationship and it has allowed me to see a different side to how Poly can/does work.  In many ways, it showed me that the type of poly that I was open to having with Mr. Goodnight (before that door was closed) was actually doable and could be enjoyable.  She isn’t bi (like me) and we share a LOT of similarities so I am LOVING having a local friend to spend time with.  She invited me over for dinner and a movie the other night and at some point we convinced him to lay between us and all cuddled while watching a movie…AWESOME NIGHT!

I  have made a new Daddy friend, he isn’t local and lost his little 3 years ago.  It’s been nice to just have conversations in a Daddy Little way.  Or rather, should I say it’s nice to allow my natural Little self to come out with someone who is a natural Daddy?  2 days of messages and NOTHING sexual….I’m developing respect for him.


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