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10 Ways to Restart Your D/s


When I saw 10 Ways to Restart Your D/s in my reader…I was intrigued, even though I don’t have a D/s or DD/lg to restart.  However, from the moment I started read to the end of the post…I LOVED IT!!!  So many good points that so many of us probably don’t think about.  It’s so easy when you get off track to just stay the course and put it off till later…but this post brings up some really good points that remind us there is a REASON that we choose to be Daddy Dom and Little and  those reasons are worth fighting for.

My favorite part of the whole post…bullet 2 of #9:

Have a monthly, scheduled “little day,” where your little gets to stay in little space the entire day. Allow your little to go into that head space, knowing she has your full approval and support to do so. During that day, fulfill her Daddy needs. Not only does this practice strengthen the trust you share together, but it gives you both ample time to learn, grow, and discover new likes and dislikes.

I think that the next time I find someone and begin a relationship with…I’m going to include this as a part of my needs in the negotiation.



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