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Dating Humor: I am not a real dominant

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for another installment of silliness from the stupid side of submissive dating.  Sometimes, I just can’t help but wonder what some of these guys are thinking (Giggle).  Sooooo, here is the message that he sent…

Dating 2017 06 19.JPG

and now his profile.  I’m open to reply suggestions because honestly…for once I’ve got nothing LOL.

Dating 2017 06 19-2.JPG



(this was a LONG profile so I’m pasting the rest below…I have NOT edited it in any way other than to remove extra lines (Giggle)

My rant:

I may be old school. This means I believe in premodern traditions for the BDSM Lifestyle.

Old school does not refer to old guard.

I may be crude in my desires and my method of approach.

I don’t lie.

I don’t beg for money.

I don’t tell you to become my slave or submissive overnight. You first have to meet me in person.

I live off a fixed income from the government.

I am greedy.

I am perverted.

I like kinky sex.

I am either average or below average body type.

My social skills are lacking.

My intelligence is average.

I have spent most of my childhood researching the BDSM lifestyle.

I started at the age of 6.

At eighteen I started my genuine search for submissives and slaves to own.

I have trained both males and females as submissives.

I am not looking for my one perfect submissive.

My hobbies:

When I am alone I like to sit in a chair read a book on my kindle device.

I watch youtube and twitch videos on my tv.

I like to play video games but I would not call myself a hard core gamer.

I like to play and roughhouse with my dogs.

I like to swim in the ocean when it is warm or hot outside.

I love to take naps.

When I am with submissives my hobbies are simply training them to be mine.

My training method will not be discussed online.

My goals:

My goal is to start a multi slave poly BDSM household.

I have a desire to own people as submissives and slaves.

I say people because I want to own men and women.

Men will be required to have a female partner in order to serve me.

I will not take on a male submissive by himself.

Types of submissives I desire to have:

Please note. Submissives are people training to become slaves in my world.

If you have no desire to serve one day as a slave. I am not the man for you.

Each quality listed below is not a requirement to be submissive and slave.

If you don’t have any of these qualities I will still consider you.

The more qualities you do have the more fun you will have serving me.


I am looking for submissives who are into cosplay.

I am looking for submissives who are into pain and torture.

I am looking for submissives that like rough and violent sex play (Rape,kidnaping,blackmail, brainwashing.).

I looking for submissives with loyalty.

I looking For submissives open to being trained as furniture.

I looking for submissives who wish to be degraded to animals.

I am looking for submissives that can form bonds with other submissives and slaves owned by me.

I am looking for submissives of many different shapes and sizes and nationalities.

I looking submissives who are turned on by racism of their race (black,asian,european,indian and american indian.).

I am looking for submissives willing to go to extremes to prove their loyalties to me.

I looking for submissives is good at domestic chores.

I am looking for submissives who are littles (no adult baby diapers) who want a big or little brother to own them.

I am looking for submissives who are a couple. (can be male/female or female/female)

The qualities below this will be required of all who desire to serve me.


I am looking for submissives who don’t except a master to pay for their relocation or travel costs.

I am looking for submissives who will not discriminate or belittle other members of my household.

I am looking for submissives who are open minded to new concepts and ideas to explore.

More to come when I think of them.

I am open to allowing switch females and dominant females into my house hold along as they are willing to serve below me and train any slave that should come into the household.

Do NOT send money to anyone!!

Don’t be fooled. NEVER SEND “TRIBUTES”  or pay for gas.



6 thoughts on “Dating Humor: I am not a real dominant

  1. *Giggling* Perhaps something like “Thank you for your kind offer, but I identify as a person”

    Sadly, this is not the only profile that reads like this. I’ve often wondered if this type of relationship is aligned with SSC. Particularly the safe and sane. Is it physically and emotionally safe for a person the be in this type of a relationship?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. The only thing I see is this fella on CNN a few years from now when the girls find a way out of his basement.

    Maybe start by asking what happened to the pets he had at six years old.

    Old school like John Wayne Gacy 😳

    Liked by 1 person

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