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Have you…

Have you ever woken up with a NEED to be used? ย To have your hair/chin/throat gripped tight and hear how they plan to use your holes for their pleasure before being told to assume that position on your knee’s before them? ย To have your cuffs placed on you and arranged on the bed/bench or where ever THEY choose and to surrender to the thrill of being powerless?

Have you ever sat at work WISHING that you were blindfolded and ย spread eagle upon a bed with a plug in your arse, a dildo in your pussy and His cock in your mouth. ย To hear his joy/pleasure as he fucks your mouth, wishing to touch him but being so aroused by being helpless all you can do is suck and moan in pleasure?

Have you day dreams of being placed on all four’s with a play collar around your neck and mounted from behind, to feel him gripping that leash/lead tightly as he pounds into you harder and harder with each thrust?

Well I’m having ALL of those thoughts today and it’s wreaking HAVOC with my system!!!! My panties are wet, pussy is throbbing and aching, and I need to cum BADLY!!! ย However, cumming at my own hand has gotten old and doesn’t replace that slutty joy from being used and used hard!

Oh well, back to these stupid reports!



12 thoughts on “Have you…

    1. (Giggle) was trying to keep it tame but FUCK I NEED TO GET FUCKED!!!!

      That feeling afterwards when your fighting for breathe, wiping sweat, and every part of your body SCREAMS “BITCH, you’ve just been FUCKED AND USED”!!!

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