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If this were the land of DC Comics…

So you want to be my Superman and save me from the evils of this world? Well can I be honest? That really doesn’t impress me much; I mean let’s face it, Superman does what he does because he has the super powers and its expected from him.

Yeah I know, I’m in a minority on this one. Ab’s of steel, able to fly, can pick a big girl up and toss her around like a toddler but let’s face it…he didn’t have to work at any of that, our yellow sun does it for him. Yeah his parents raised him to do the right thing and yeah he could have become a crazy world ruler but again…SUPER POWERS!

If we were living in the world of DC Comics, I will be honest and let you know I would not be Super Woman, Wonder Woman or any other female super hero. In fact, I would be on the hero’s capture list because I would Catwoman…AKA, Selina Kyle (Did you just get the blog name?  Good! 😎)

I may have a heart of gold but I have a bad habit of doing naughty things just because I can and it’s going to take a strong man to make me walk that thin line between right and wrong. He will need patients and strength of mind and body to see past the mistakes I make to the person I am at my core. Who will be that man you ask? Why the Bat himself of course. Also damaged with baggage of his own he doesn’t do what he does because he has super powers but because of things in this past that have made him this way.

We can be damaged together, and respect that neither of us is fully recovered from our past traumas and fears.  But when we’re together…together we will allow ourselves to relinquish control and give into base instincts and desires with no judgment or condensation for them.

Oh he will be strong and he will be demanding, controlling, and powerful but he will reveal his true self to me and see me for mine as well. He will not tolerate bad behavior just because I wanted to and will keep me in check but he will do it with love and compassion knowing the real me deep down and never wanting to hurt that no matter how tough and strong I may act.

I’m nerdy and geeky…I can’t help it, I’m just well-rounded (giggle). However the one thing I am not confused on is what I want. And what I want isn’t a super human alien from another planet but the real man who stands up for right and wrong and protects those who are weaker than himself. He will do it not because of a yellow sun but because he is driven to do so from the core of his being.

My Daddy won’t be no stinking Superman, he will be the Dark Knight rising in Gotham and his name will be Batman! 😎



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