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I Need to Journal More

The little posting I do on Sel’s page reminded me that I used to journal a lot more than I do now, which in truth is not at all. Yet I feel the hesitation, the reluctance to take up this habit once more.

Why?  What is holding me back?  I think it boils down to that quiet pervasive mental voice of depression that constantly whispers in my head. “You don’t have anything worthy to say”, “Your writing is just you whining about stupid shit”, “Your thoughts don’t matter…”

See that’s the daily struggle I fight. While some days the voice is less than a whisper, other days it’s louder than a Deep Purple concert back in the day.

Most days I ignore it, I ask as if, and it gets me through. Deep down I know keeping a journal/blog will help yet I still hesitate…




10 thoughts on “I Need to Journal More

      1. ok so “I” wasn’t going to point that out…because I’m such a good girl. But I do think that others would deal with depression within our lifestyle would benefit from reading how you balance being a caregiver to such a well behaved little (Giggle) and the pull of your depression at times.

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