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30 Days of D/s – Day 05: How Do You Feel About Discipline and Punishment

Loving BDSM’s 30 Days of D/s – Day 05:  How Do You Feel About Discipline and Punishment

As a submissive, are you willing to allow a Dominant to discipline or punish you in your relationship? As a Dominant, are you willing to require discipline or give out punishment? What kinds of punishments can you imagine for bad behavior?

Let me start by saying that YES, I do believe in discipline and punishment within a relationship.  I think that without it, it’s hard for your Dominant to enforce the rules that you have both agreed upon.  Let me add on that for me, it’s the Power Exchange that is my biggest kink, desire, turn on if you will.  It is submitting to the will of my Dominant and knowing that if I do not uphold my end of our agreement then there will be consequences of an agreed upon nature.

In the past, punishments for me have run from spankings that were bare handed or with instruments such as belts or paddles, corner time, sentence writing, and orgasm denial.  However, there are those Dom’s who like to get creative with punishments that just make you shake your head in wonder at how you can be so in love with a man who can do things to you without even putting a hand on you.

Not really sure that I can really add much more since I’m currently single with neither of these in my life nor on the horizon.

As before, I invite you to share your thoughts below or to visit the Loving BDSM website and join the 30 Days of D/s journey.


10 thoughts on “30 Days of D/s – Day 05: How Do You Feel About Discipline and Punishment

  1. Loved reading this! Just for conversations sake…would you mind sharing about one of your more memorable discipline sessions? How did you misbehave and what was the consequence?

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    1. (Giggle) there the time that I was in the corner, reason forgotten, and I texted another Little to complain about being in the corner only to find out that she was ALSO in the corner!

      I ended up being spanked HARD afterwards and then not able to cum for 2 days…TOTAL bummer!

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  2. I agree – discipline is such an important part of the power exchange (and such a turn on hahaha). Whether its a spanking or a more creative punishment (I have a VCH and once had to walk a block with a vibrating piercing in place, without being allowed to cum… that one was intense) – the all serve a purpose in establishing and enforcing the rules!

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