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Self Care when you need Little Time

This is a STRUGGLE!!!!!  A lot of times people think that being Little is easy as you just grab your stuffie, sippy cup and a Disney movie and BAM instant Little time.  It’s not always that easy.  Yes, there are times when you can settle down with your stuffie and color while having a meaningful conversation that only he/she can understand.  There are times when you can cuddle under your blankie watching your favorite Little movie and fall right into Little space.  There are also times when it’s not that easy.

When no matter how many Disney movies you watch, you still feel off.  No matter how many pages you color, or how much you cuddle your stuffie…you just don’t feel “right”.  It sucks and there is no other way to say it.  You feel needy, you feel upset or lonely…you just feel a LOT of things and it’s hard to find an outlet that feels safe and comfortable.

This is why having other Little friends is VERY IMPORTANT!!!!  They will understand when you are stuck in Little space and need help, they may even need that little outlet as well!  You can video chat and color together, watch movies via together, or even tell each other stories while cuddling with your stuffies.  If you have Dom friends…they may allow you to text, call, video with them as an outlet as well.

But what do you do when you can’t get into your Little space and need that relief?  How do you “force” yourself to go into that space when nothing seems to work?  Is it even worth it?  That’s a personal question that ONLY YOU can answer.  For me, I sat down and asked myself…IF I had a Daddy…what would I like for him to do to help me to get into Little space.  Here is my list…

  • A bath to wash away the “big” worries with bubbles, and floating duckies.
  • Dinner with mac n cheese featured as the main course and a side of something else
  • a blanket fort to watch movies in.  (NOTE:  If you don’t know how to build a tent, buy a pop up tent, you can get them cheaply and they are easy to put up and take down when your done)
  • I snuggle in with my stuffie, my blankie, and since I don’t have a sippy cup I use my tumbler with the curlie straw.
  • Watch movies that put you in your little frame of mind.  For me that means starting with Mulan, then Beauty and the Beast, followed by Mary Poppins and then follow up with Tinker Bell movies.  If I”m in a super hero mood then I will watch Justice League cartoons, Despicable Me, The Incredibles, and end it with Batman cartoons.
  • I normally color while I’m watching the movies
  • If I”m in an “I need attention” kind of mood I do Snapchat and send the pics to my Dom friends to put a smile on their faces.

Now, is it the same as having a Daddy to do/help me?  No, but they can help take the edge off and put me in a better place.  I can also call other little’s for laughs and giggles which helps me to not feel so alone and yuckie.

Being single sucks, being single and needing Little time with no one to help you, SUCKS but trust me, we Little’s can do anything that we set our minds to and self care is something that we have to do if we want to live this lifestyle.


4 thoughts on “Self Care when you need Little Time

  1. I can’t change who I am and why should I want to just to please others? The first step is to embrace WHO you are and be your best self. The second is to accept that some people aren’t happy with themselves so they need to bully and make fun of others to feel empowered. I refuse to allow their insecurities and pettyness made me feel bad just to build them up. Do words hurt? Yes, but only when you give those words power. Love you for who and what YOU ARE, embrace YOU and you will find that they have become nothing more than bothersome flys…swat them away or get a fly strip but don’t allow them to ruin your mood/life.

    Making friends who embrace you, share your interests, and love themselves are always ways of learning to love and accept you. I have AMAZING friends who love me no matter what part of me I am sharing…they prop me up when I’m weak and allow me to do the same for them.

    Hope that this helps.


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