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Why update when your dating is going nowhere?

Why do I write dating updates when my “love life” just seems to be one failure after another? I write so that those Little/babygirl/sub/slaves reading blogs and researching the life style can see the other side of the “I found my Daddy and lived happily ever after” coin.  I want them to see that for every Little who finds their Daddy/Dom/Master within months of coming to the life style…there are those of us who struggle to find our “one”.  That sometimes, you find a good partner only to have it end and have to begin again and it won’t be as easy as it was the first time.

Personally, I’m finding Kinky dating to be a LOT harder than vanilla dating.  Why?  Because your not only trying to find someone who shares your kinks but also your vanilla desires.  You are looking for someone who will not just accept you in the good and bad but will take you at your worse and help to build you up to better.  Someone who see’s you as the Ying to their Yang and this can be hard for find.

Then again, you can find that person who compliments you and yet…you can’t be together romantically for whatever reason…how do you navigate a friendship there? Or rather, how do you walk away and be friends when you can’t have what you desire?  These are the reasons that I write this blog…these are the things that I hope to share with those who read this.

Dating as a Little is HARD, opening yourself up as a submissive is HARD but you know what is even harder?  Getting back up and trying again when you’ve been knocked down….A LOT!  The fairy tale can be real and it can be yours but you have to go through the trials first…you have to suffer the ugly and the hard before you get to the happily ever after.

FindingDory - Just Keep Swimming.gifSo that means when you meet a guy, thing he is THE ONE only to realize, you spoke to soon, brush yourself off and start again.  When you realize that you’ve chosen someone who views you as an option…then it’s time to choose you, course correct and walk another path.  If you realize that you choose someone who isn’t what you thought/want…then be honest, end the relationship and keep searching for what you want rather than wasting his time and leading him on.

This is why I keep dating, keep course correcting, and keep updating myself on where I am.  I’m not settled safely in the castle with my Prince Charming…I’m still lost in the woods like so many others trying to find their fairytale.  The good news, I’ve made friends along the way….some lost and seeking like me and others happily settled with their other half.  Those who are living their happily ever after have chosen to make a home here close to the forest to serve as guides and I”m very much appreciative for them.

I’m not going to settle for a knock off…I”m going to stay the course until I find the path that suits me so well I never want to leave.  Thank you for joining me and always being here to cheer me on and give directions when I”m to lost to find it alone.


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