Story Time: The Meeting

Good Monday morning to you all. I thought it was time to post another story, now be warned this one my not be to everyone’s taste… You were warned…



“Well the note said be at his place by 7 PM”, thinking to herself. Glancing at her watch seeing she’s made it to his place with a few minutes to spare. Getting out of her car she adjusts her blouse and skirt then makes for the front door her heels clicking on the sidewalk. As she approaches she sees a small envelope held under the door knocker. Sharon was written on the outside. Slipping the note from behind the knocker she carefully opens the envelope and pulls out the a small card.

“My dear Sharon,

   It is not too late to turn back. I will not think less of you if you do so, however upon entering the door you consent to submit to me and willingly accept what is about to happen to you. Understand you will not be damaged but you will have your boundaries pushed today.


Sharon’s hand shakes a little as she re-reads the note. Taking a deep breath she grabs the doorknob and opens the door. As she steps through the door and passes the foyer she gasps a little as the house has changed so much since her last time here. Gone were all the furnishings except for a low table and cushion in the center of the room and one tall lamp in a corner. As Sharon walks over to the table she sees another envelope on the table sitting in a large shallow lined wicker basket. Opening the envelope she reads:

Sharon, you will remove all of your clothing and jewelry and place it neatly in this basket. Once you are nude you will then kneel on the cushion and await me.


With shaking hands she removes her blouse, skirt, bra, panties, garters, and stockings. Carefully she folds each item and sets it in the basket. Lastly she removes her heels and lays them atop the basket. Shivering slightly she kneels down on the cushion and tries to steady herself. Time seems to drag unsure of how much time is passing she fidgets her mind racing to what Sir may have in store for her.

The sound of boots on hardwood echo down the hall and her heart quickens. In walks Sir E looking amazing in his biker boots, jeans, dress shirt and sport coat. He holds in his hand what appears to be a leather dog collar and leash. His eyes dart over her and lighten in approval as he quietly walks to her. Saying nothing he leans down and she inhales his spicy scent, of cinnamon, musk, and dragon’s blood. It makes her pant and her nipples throb. He carefully sets the collar around her neck and tightens it to a slightly uncomfortable feeling. Attaching the leash to the D ring in the collar he finally speaks, “One last question my dear. Do you want this?”.

Trembling as she feels the tug on the leash she looks up at him she gulps at the fear in her belly but she quietly says, “Yes Sir.”

“Good girl”, he says with a smile on his face. “From this point on you will crawl on all fours do you understand me?”, he says.

More trembling as she responds, “Yes Sir”.

He tugs the leash hard and moves towards the hallway. Quickly she scrambles forward on her hands and knees. The hardwood floor cold to her touch as he leads her down the hall into another room.

As she crawls in behind him she gasps at the change in this room. Gone was the area rug and other furnishings, the curtain on the sliding glass door was also gone. Bright work lights on a stand next to a table shine out from one corner on to a strange looking low bench in the center of the room.

(I’ve yet to really come up with how to accurately describe the bench)

The bench is low to the ground and padded. Slightly raised at one end where it splits into two leg supports with cuffs at the thigh and ankle level. On the lower end almost level with the floor are more cuffs and what appears to be head support. There are several levers on the bench which allows for various adjustments to the bench to be made.

He tugs the leash and pulls her over to the bench. He guides her up onto it and she starts to turn over on her back thinking she is to lay there exposed. “No!”, he growls and he swats her ass hard.

Crying out as she is struck her eyes dart up to him. “Face down on the bench, my girl”, he says. Biting her lip she climbs up on the bench and settles herself in face down. He reaches down and unhooks her leash. Then grabs a short chain that’s attached to the bottom of the bench. He hooks it into her leash he then takes each wrist and slips it into a cuff and secures them. Standing he moves lower she feels his fingertips grazing down her back. He playfully swats her ass cheek before strapping each thigh in place. He moves lower and sets each strap around her ankles.

“Now my dear one. Two more things”, he says. He walks over to that table and removes something. As he turns she spies a leather crop in his hands. Gulping again as he walks over and drags the crop over her back and behind. He teases her with it for a few moments then he squats down in front of her. “Open your mouth girl”, he says.

She quickly opens her mouth and he slips the handle between her lips. “Bite down like it is a bit”, he says, “Make sure you do not drop it otherwise I will hurt you with it”.

She chomps down hard on the leather as she trembles on the bench.

Chuckling softly he reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a blindfold. He quickly slips it over her eyes and secures it in place.

“Now we are ready to begin”, he says.

She hears his boots on the floor as he moves, sounding as if he is walking away. She listens as the boots move down the hall and a door opens. There is a loud clanking of metal on metal and she hears the words “Wait”. Tinkling metal sounds now, then she hears his boots on the floor followed by what sounds like clicking.

As the sounds draw nearer she hears a soft panting as the boots and clicks enter the room. Slowly the sounds draw closer then starts to circle the bench. Nails and a paw scratch her arm then a cold wet nose touches her neck. “NO!”, he says loudly and she hears the leash being jerked.

She almost gasped aloud from the touch but remembers the crop in her mouth. Whining softly as she bites down hard on it. Her mind racing, “A dog? What is it? God what is he going to do to me?”.

Something furry and hard thwaps against her leg as she hears Sir move down towards her feet.

“Sit! Stay!”, he says sharply. She jerks a little with each word, her nipples throbbing, her cunt twitching.


Suddenly she feels the bench move realizing her thighs are being forced apart. She starts to panic and whine and shake. He moves another handle and the bench responds pulling her parted legs down and tucking her knees in until she is in a very open position.

She almost drops the crop but bites down so hard her teeth start to ache.

Suddenly the nose touches her inner thigh and a wet tongue hits her flesh. Shaking and almost crying as she feels the muzzle and whiskers on her thigh.

“Remember girl what will happen if you drop the crop”, he says softly in her ear.

Her cunt on fire as she feels the cold nose touch it then it pulls back then a long lick. Her mind gone racing all over she almost screams as she feels his lips touch her ear. He whispers, “Shall I remove the blindfold my dear?”, he asks.

Trembling she tries the shake her head.

“No?”, he chuckles softly, “Alright my dear on it will stay”


Her mind is a whirl with the maelstrom of things she is trying to process. The sounds in the changed room, her position here so open and vulnerable, and then the cold wet nose that sends her pulse racing and her body jumping. Her fingers curl into fists as she feels again the cold brush of that wet tongue against her flesh. Already she is panting around the crop held tight in her teeth. Another swipe of the tongue and she nearly cries out, and would have if her teeth were not digging into the leather handle as hard as possible.


The lack of sight only made the sounds and sensations more poignant. Her fisted hands tugging at the straps that hold them as she again feels the brush of a tongue at her swollen lips. Her breath held as she feels his fingers stroke her cheek for a brief moment. Then his hand moves to her hair, stroking, seeming to soothe her as she can feel his gaze sweeping over her features and body, not missing a single quiver anywhere.


The brush of his hand though was warm and tender in comparison to the words that were whispered in a lovers tone, “that’s a good little bitch, just where I want you.” She flinched at the words as if he had struck her, the movement only drawing a low chuckle from him. “There now, my little slut…” as his voice seemed to draw out the words she felt that wet tongue lapping at her intimate parts, then his voice cutting again into her consciousness, “that’s it. He can taste how much you are enjoying this. I can tell from how hungrily he’s tasting you my slut.”


Her entire body seemed to shudder with each word and lap of the tongue at her opening. The movements were growing more urgent though, delving into the wetness growing there. Her cheeks flamed red with the realization and a low keening whimper came from her clenched mouth. His fingers slowly began to gather her hair into his hand. The auburn curls twining around his fingers as he gathered it up and then held the wild tangle firmly in his grasp. She swallowed, feeling that grip and the heat that raced to her core with it. No matter how many times he stroked her hair every single time it pulled at her, pushing that part of her that opened to him. Even now her jaw started to go slack with the sensations. Overcome with the need as she rolled her hips, keening louder, feeling the pull that would draw her down further into him than any bonds could. She simply was sinking and his touch her only anchor.


He seemed to sense her battle of self and surrender, and he tightened his grip and leaned close to her ear. Letting her feel the humidity of his breath against the soft outline of her ear before he barely whispered, “deeper. I want it all.” Her body seemed to shudder with that demand, and as if on cue the tongue pushed deeper into the cleft of her legs. The deep searching tongue made her squeak, her breath catching as her mind seemed to spin off it’s axis of balance and homeostasis. Slowly he tugged her head back until her neck was caught between the chain binding the collar to the bench and his hand in her hair. In that moment the crop very nearly fell from her lips, but something made her remember and she caught it tight once more in her lips.


Breathing hard, trembling now, the tongue bath she was receiving almost surreal as he spoke against her ear, “let go. I want this. Give me all of it, slut.” Her soft almost whine was only the precursor to the visible tremble that went through her body. His fingers traced down to her throat, pressing softly above the collar as he suddenly yanked her head back even harder. His low growl deep as he grabbed her throat with the other hand, “beg me for more.”


Her head was spinning and she wanted so much to let go, but part of her mind was screaming, “this is wrong!” Her body reacted to the internal battle with trembling as she fought to obey him. The sudden grasp of her throat and his voice was her undoing. Feeling herself fall into him. Her eyes behind the blindfold wide open as if she could see him as she began to babble softly.  She began begging him for more, begging for him, words falling around the crop until she felt that tongue brush over her clit and she simply cried out, and the crop wobbled in her lips and began to tilt precariously.




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