Primal Needs

Primal Needs

This is a bit of a rant so please forgive me but…..well……Today is not being a good day as my Primal side is on the prowl in my mind in need of a good feeding.  How does this translate to the physical?  FUCK but my skin is tight, my pussy is achy and wet with need, and my nipples rock hard like pebbles.  I’ve felt the low growl in the back of my throat all day and it’s not a good thing for those I work with.  I’m not in the mood to be cute or funny…I’m in the mood to be fucked!

Not sweet love making, not gentle caresses, not a voice whispering sweet nothings in my ear but rather a firm hand in my hair letting me know that this is not jokes or question time but get to my knee’s time.  To feel his hands securing cuffs and collars to my skin and to hear the ways in which he may make me beg and plead for his cock as the blindfold covers my eyes.

wpid-09cfeba602190bdce68d43bbfb25b098.jpgTo feel his mouth upon my skin tasting me and leaving his marks for me to find later.  To be used as he wills and to be told not to cum, to whimper and beg in need for the release my body wants but soaring in the dominance that his denial gives me.  To whimper not from the pain of hurt but the deepness of need.  To beg not for what I can give myself but what it is that only he can provide.  To not have to ask if this is for you or for him but to feel fully used for his needs and to be able to relax into it and close off your mind to everything else.

To be honest, I sent Mr. Good Night a message with the thought/purpose of asking if he was free tonight.  I figured it’s been a week we could both use some fun time.  However, the last time we did when I felt like this I lost control and bite him.  He  wasn’t to happy with me when he saw the bruise but I managed to keep my mouth shut and not say WHY I had bite him (Giggle).

Therefore I’m going to need to find a way to release this energy.  Damn my feline and her refusal of casual play!  If this picky bitch would stop turning her nose up at 90% of the guys we meet I wouldn’t be in this situation LOL.

Luckily, I have a munch tonight so with luck spending time with other Primal will calm me enough that some toy play will take the edge off when I get home.


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