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Sassy Sunday

Many of us struggle with body image and are working on getting in shape.  I love this version of the Meghan Trainor song “I Love Me” and wanted to share it today as my sassy salute to US!


4 thoughts on “Sassy Sunday

  1. There are so many rewards to getting or staying in shape. But I believe it is ultimately the least you owe your significant other. They deserve to have a partner who hasn’t changed body shape by gaining lots of weight. A friend says he almost never has sex with his wife and that he never wants to–she’s gained over 100 pounds since they married. He’s no longer attracted to her physically! My Queen would not be attracted to me if I gained a lot of weight–she’s told me! So a hard part of any relationship is staying physically attractive to your partner by staying or getting into shape! Just my opinion…

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    1. I can TOTALLY appreciate what your saying and see your point. However, speaking as someone who did gain over 100 ppls in a relationship, I will say that it’s not something that happens overnight nor is something that could not be avoided.

      I was taking care of the kids, the home, him AND working. When I first noticed the weight loss I asked my partner to work out together, to help more with the kids and home so I could work out…every time I was told how good I looked, how much I was loved….everything to keep me doing everything so he didn’t have to.

      If your friend is no longer attracted to her DUE to the weigh gain, he should help her work out, ton up and get it off. I mean, why would she want to be with someone who doesn’t want her?

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      1. I agree with you. He says he loves her but she won’t do anything to change. He has offered. I would totally help my partner with fitness goals. And there are people out there who are very attracted to larger people. More power to them. By the way, I do my share of cooking and housework! lol

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      2. I agree, there are those who prefer a large partner….I’m getting in shape for myself and would have LOVED to have my ex help me do this back before I hit my biggest weight.

        A lot of people share in the house work and chores, my ex just wasn’t one of them.

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