Story Time: The Dancer

This one is by far from finished, in all honesty it was just something which was rattling around in my head. It’s an attempt to create a story vs just an erotic scene.

Devon is sipping his Hennessy at the back of the club when he sees her walk on stage and something growls inside him. He watches as the dancer scans the small crowd her blue-gray eyes flashing in the spotlights. Leaning forward in his chair he watches her intently as the lights dim and the music starts pumping. He couldn’t tell you what the song was, his focus was entirely on the dancer as she starts to move. Hissing softly to himself as she jerks her head back and arches back swinging around the pole kicking her leg out as she hits the apex of her swing. Hair stands up on his skin as his Beast stirs and again growling to himself he bites his bottom lip.

“Who is she?” Devon asks grabbing a passing waitress startling her. The waitress pales as she glances into Devon’s amber eyes then says, “Aaa Anna, Sir” She stammers and quickly hurries away.

Anna, he thinks to himself as he watches her dance. He catches her scent mixed in with the rest of the club, a spiced floral scent, a scent of buried heat and desires. A throb in his crotch beats in time with her moves and suddenly Devon stands and slowly stalks towards the stage. Finding a spot he sets himself down so he can watch her closely.

She swings and spins around on the pole slowly shedding items of clothing, his eyes locked on her every move his hunger building as he watches as she slowly unwraps herself before him. Images flash in his mind at the sight of her exposed nipples, teeth grabbing and pulling claws raking flesh.

What is it about her, he thinks to himself as his mind races. Her scent floods his senses as she dances towards the edge of the stage. She’s glancing down at the few men nursing their drinks and collecting her tips. Her eyes slip onto him and he seems the flare wide and she hesitates her face flushing. She recovers quickly and moves forward. The scent of her floods him as she stands on stage above him. As she bends over and spins he spies her sex and his cock fills. She dances for him suddenly all else forgotten. Her slow sensual erotic moves enticing him, inflaming him, yet each time she meets his eyes she flushes and bites her lip. Suddenly down on the stage in front of him legs bent back resting on her heels thighs spread as the music ends.

The place is quiet for a moment then a few bored claps, but Devon ignores them as he just watches her. Slowly he reaches into his jacket and pulls out his wallet. Removing a 100 dollar bill he replaces his billfold and leans in closer to her. She’s panting hard from her dance, a light sheen of sweat on her body as she just watches. Devon carefully moves to slip the bill into her garter but as their skin makes contact he feels a hard jolt and fights the change. His eyes bore into her’s as he feels the Beast inside raging to get free yet he holds on. He quickly slips the bill into her garter, gets up and stalks from the club.


Anna almost fell when she first saw him, the man with the amber eyes. Almost fell from the jolt she felt. A flash of fear, desire and something else she didn’t quite understand. She could tell from just looking at him he is dangerous. She sees his burning yellow eyes widen slightly when she falters on the stage then narrow as she recovers. Taking a quick breath to try and calm her racing thoughts and nerves she sways again. As she gyrates on stage suddenly the world falls away and she suddenly realizes she is dancing for Him. Each time she catches his glittering eyes she feels her body flush and her sex dampen. “Who is he?”, she ponders, “What is it about him?” she says to herself.

As her song nears it’s ending she starts her ending moves but suddenly something takes hold of her thoughts and before she stops to think she is splayed out before him leaned back on her heels opening her sex to his gaze, something which she’s never done before. What the fuck are you doing Anna? she scolds herself as she awaits a reaction. Spying movement from the edge of her eyes she see him reach in and pull something from his wallet. Holding her breath in anticipation as she watches him lean forward to slip the bill into her garter and when his knuckle brushes her hot skin the hot shock of the contact almost causes her to cry out. Her pussy suddenly drips its juices out and runs down her lower hole making her want to squirm before him. She sees his hand jerk as if he felt the same shock, his eyes almost glowing and she thought she heard a deep soft growl.

His body shakes as he quickly slips the bill into her garter and lurches forward making Anna think for a split second he’s going to pounce on her. Puzzled as he sees him sway and stalk towards the exit. As she watches him leave almost panting she looks down at the money in her garter and gasps as she sees the hundred dollar bill.  Standing quickly she heads backstage her mind awhirl.


Devon is sweating heavily by the time he reaches the exit and the cool night air. His cock aching and his Beast boiling just below his skin. What the fuck!, he screams at himself, Don’t lose it here. Panting his eyes scanning around he darts into the alley to try and pull himself together. The smell of rotten food, piss and stale vomit almost overwhelm him as he staggers into the alley. Breathing hard he tries to gather himself and fight the transformation.

For a moment he’s able to quiet his mind and gain some measure of control when suddenly he feels something poked into his ribs and a rough voice bark, “Wallet. Now!”. Deven growls as his anger flares and he transforms becoming a thing of claws, teeth and fur. The mugger suddenly pale screams trying to stab Devon as Devon in his half transformed state rips out the muggers throat. The hot blood fills Devons muzzle as he completes his transformation.

Shedding his ruined clothes Deven noses through the cloth and grabs his wallet in his jaws. He takes off in a fast lope down the alley into the back lot. He jumps a low fence and runs down the back street. He spies an old house looking rather deserted Devon darts across the street and finds a way under the porch. Digging a small hole he drops his wallet in and buries it. Laying down he watches the road as he hears sirens in the distance. Growling as the desire to run fills him but he fights his nature and just bides his time.


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