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Story Time: The Picnic

Another one by me, although this is a rather old one from long before Selina and I met.


Ring!!! The phone startles you from the book you were reading. Reaching over you pick it up and say “Hello?”. “Hello Britt”. Your pulse skips as you know who it is. “Hello sir”, you whisper into the phone. “There is are 2 boxes on your doorstep for you. Set the phone down and go get them…”. You quickly set the phone down and hurriedly make your way to the door. Opening you see 2 boxes left for you on your mat. One medium sized one small. Gathering them up you then look around to see if you can see anyone but there is no one around. Shutting the door you make your way back to the phone.

“I’m back Sir…” you say into the phone. “Good girl, now open the larger one and follow the instructions…”

You hear the phone click and realize I have hung up. Hands shaking a little you open the larger box. You see an envelope with the words “Open Me” written on the front resting on some sheets of tissue paper. Setting the box down you open the note and begin to read”

“Hello b. I have a special treat for you today. I am taking you to one of my favorite places. In this box are the things I want you to wear. You are to remove everything you are currently wearing and put on only what is in this box. Once you have finished open the small box… ~E”


You quickly unfold the tissue paper and you see red and white patterned fabric. As you lift it out you realize it is a lovely sundress. Standing up you hold it in front of you the hem comes down to just above your knees. Thing straps for over your shoulders. You look back down in the box and see a flesh toned bra and some sandals but as you realize there are not any panties in the box. Smiling a bit to yourself you quickly strip off your your shirt and bra, then your pants. You pause for a moment thinking if you should remove your panties. Reading the note once again you decide to remove them. You get the bra, the straps are clear but the cups are flesh colored. You get the bra on then slip the dress on. It seems to fit perfectly. The front dipping enough to give teasing flashes of your cleavage. You smile as you look yourself over in the mirror. You then slip on the sandals then sit back down. You unwrap the small box and again resting on the top is a small envelope. Opening it you read.

“Hello again b. You must be full of questions right now. You will just have to wait. Take out what’s inside and wear it for me. Then grab your things and meet me across the street when you are ready.  ~E”

Reaching in the box you pull out an anklet. Tinkling noises fill your ears as the tiny bells on the anklet ring out. Excitedly you put the anklet on. Stand up, quickly you grab your things and head out the door.

Once outside you see me leaned against the door of my car watching you. I nod in approval as you approach. I move around to your side of the car and open the door for you. Once you are in I then go around to my side and get myself settled in.

I smile at you and say, “Hello my dear, I am glad you are here. Are you ready to go?” I ask. You blush a little and nod saying softly ,”Yes Sir…”

Starting the car I reach over and slip my hand between your legs. Feeling the lips of your sex against my knuckles I smile and say, “Good girl…”, removing my hand I put the car in gear and head on down the road.

I say little as we drive just keeping the conversation light, every time you try to get info from me as to where we are going. I smile and say, “You will see in good time”.

We drive off into the country for awhile then I turn down this dirt road. We continue for a ways until we come to the edge of a forest. Stopping the car I put it in park. “We are here’ I say, then opening my door I get out. You see me walk around the back of the car and pop the trunk. I grab a basket and a blanket then I come and open your door. “Follow me my dear”, I say.

Leading you down a trail into the woods. We walk for about 15 minuets or so the bells on your anklet jingling as you walk until we come to a small clearing near a creek. I set the basket down and spread the blanket out.  I motion for you to sit and I then join you.

I pull out cheese, crackers, fruit and a bottle of wine from the basket. We eat, drink and chat for a while just enjoying nature. I take the foot with the anklet in my hand. Smiling at you I begin to rub that foot. We continue to chat and drink more wine. The wine and the foot massage lulls you into a relaxed state. You just close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the creek and the forest. After a little while you realize that all the wine has made you need to pee. You squirm a little trying to decide if you really need to go right now or hold it a bit longer. My hands work up your shin and then back down. After a few more minuets of this the need to pee gets stronger. You say, “Sir? I need to go behind the bushes. All this wine has gone through me”. You start to pull your feet up but I hold tight to your ankle. “No my dear, you may not go yet…”. Your nipples harden at the tone of command in my voice. Your eyes cast down a little embarrassed at the reaction. You whisper softly, “Yes Sir…”

I reach over and get another bottle from the basket. Opening it I pour you another glass and say, “Drink my dear…” You shiver a little then drink more wine. You feel the pressure building as we continue to chat. Taking your foot back in my hands I press my thumbs into the arch. You groan as I massage that area, torn between the need to pee and the relaxing massage you bite your lower lip. “Sir? Please… I need to go pee”. “I know my dear, but you may not go yet.” I respond.

Suddenly I grip your ankle tightly in one hand as I drag my thumb nail sharply up your arch. You jerk and squirm from the tickle, a tiny spurt of pee erupts from you and you yelp and blush hard. “Sir!”

Chuckling softly, “Yes my dear? Is there something wrong?”

“I really need to go Sir”, you plead.

“I know you do dear one” I say

“Won’t you let me go pee please?” you almost beg.

“No, not until you ask me the right way.” I smile at you

Confused not sure what I mean by the right way. You frown biting your bottom lip. I pour another glass of wine for you and say, “Drink my dear”

Sipping my own wine I watch you, my eyes glinting mischievously.

The need to go is getting urgent. You squirm on the blanket. “Please Sir! I’m begging you. I need to go pee or I will make a mess here”

Watching your face I just shake my head no and take another sip of wine.

Frustrated and getting desperate you say, “I’ll do anything Sir. Please, I’ll rub your back, your legs, or even suck your cock if you let me go pee…” you are almost in tears by now from the need.

Smiling I say, “You’ll suck my cock? That entered your head when you need to pee so badly? I think my dear girl is a bit on the dirty side.”

Shaking my head, “But no. That is still not the right way to ask me”

You clamp your thighs tightly together as a little more pee spurts out. Biting your lip again to try and take your mind off of it.

“While the lip bit is rather fetching, don’t break the skin my dear. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

“But Sir!”, you wail, “I have to go!”

“I know you do, but she needs to frame the request the right way”

You blink, was that a clue? Thinking quickly you say, “Please Sir, she needs to pee. Would you please let her go so she can pee?”

I smile at you and nod, “Good girl…”

As I release your you move to get up. You start to head back into the woods. “No my dear, over here where I can watch you.” You see me pointing out into the clearing a bit more. Blushing hard you make your way to where I indicated. Turning your back to me you hear, “No, face me girl”

Gulping you turn and face me. Squatting down you try to be demure about it but again you hear me say, “No.. open your legs. I want to watch”

Blushing again, nipple hard as rocks you spread your legs wide. Unable to hold it anymore you sigh as the flow starts. My eyes bore into you as you go. Watching your face holding your eyes with mine as you pee. Blushing and squirming under his gaze. You finally finish but then realize you have nothing to wipe yourself with.

Look back at me saying, “she doesn’t have anything to clean herself with”. “Do you not? Come here dear one”, I say. Moving towards me I reach into the basket and pull out a wet wipe. You start to reach for it but I shake my head. Opening it up I take one out. “Open your legs for me girl…” I say. Face red and burning you open your legs and you feel the cold wipe brush up and down the lips of your sex wiping you clean.

I reach back into the basket and get a plastic grocery bag and put the wipe into it then I tie it shut. Then turning back you feel my index fingernail trace the lips of your sex. Teasing you I just watch your face again. The tip just slowly dragging over you. Over your lips, over the hood of your clit. Slightly pushed inside you I finally say,”You are so very wet my dear. Such a dirty lil girl, getting turned from being made to pee in front of me.” Smiling I push my finger slowly inside you. “Hot and wet. Yes I think you are a very dirty girl”. I see your face blush even more. Then slowly I work that finger in and out of you my thumb pressing against your hard nub. After a moment I pull my finger from you. Your juices coating my finger. I bring it to my nose and inhale your scent. Growling softly I suck my finger into my mouth. Then moving slowly I reach up and push your sundress up a bit more exposing more of you. I raise your knees up then push them apart. I lower my head and you feel my breath teasing your sex. “Look at it drip out of you girl. Such a needy looking cunt. Does it want to be touched more?” I ask.

Biting your lip you look at me blushing. “Please Sir. Touch it.”

“Touch what my dear?” I say.

“My pussy” you respond.

“Your what girl?”

You shiver as you say, “My cunt Sir. Touch my cunt”

Suddenly I kiss your sex like I would kiss your mouth. Lips pressed tightly against. Tongue darting inside. Gasping loudly as I gently tug on a lip with my teeth.

“Like that girl?”, I say.

“Yesssss”, you hiss.

My tongue presses against your clit. You feel it slowly circle around it, darting under the hood. Downwards pushed between your lips and into your hole. Downwards more almost to your anus then back up. Suddenly a long hard lick from your clit all the way down over your ass and back up.

Squirming on the blanket and panting now your hand slips down to my hair trying to pull me to your clit. I growl and bite your lip harder and say, “Don’t unless you want me to bite your clit”

Jerking your hand away you whine as I pull back from your sex. I then push 2 fingers into you. I keep pushing until you feel them on your cervix. I push it around inside you as I just watch your face.

“Your cunt is so hot girl.” I say. “It needs a good going over”

I pulling those fingers back until I feel that inner knot of nerves. I press against that knot and start to rub on it. Leaning down I suck your clit into my mouth. Tongue darting over it as I press even hard at that knot. Pulling of your clit with a loud pop as I my finger suddenly go deep inside you again to push on your cervix. Fingers slowly slip back to that knot. Pressure increasing as the palm of my hand starts to press down on just above your pubic bone. Applying pressure there and to that knot I jerk my fingers over that knot hard and fast.

Screaming out at the sudden flood of pleasure your nails digging into the palms of your hands. Intense and constant pleasure and pressure. You feel it building my fingers rubbing hard and fast at that knot. It’s almost too much. You try to pull away.

“Don’t move girl or you’ll be punished” I say.

Almost crying because the pleasure so intense you stop pulling away but squirm even more.

Suddenly it explodes from you, intense almost bone breaking orgasm you feel your cunt explode with juice and you see it coat my face as I jerk my fingers from you.




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