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little scarlet speaks


Hello out there! It’s me, little scarlet or for those of you from way back, fairy queen. I’m not quite sure if any one even remembers me but I’m still around. I’m still a fairy, still a queen and still little. What have I been up to? Well in all honesty I’ve been working on straightening out my wings after getting my heart-broken by the man I thought was my soul mate and then again by my guardian best friend but I digress. . .

Like our beloved Selina, I’m a little and an alpha. . .though even with that in common, we are both individuals. She identifies as primal and I identify as feral. If it sounds like splitting hairs, it’s not. And to someone who truly cares to listen, a lot can be gleaned from the distinction. This and many other traits make Selina and I the one-of-a-kind women we are. Same goes for every little/sub/slave you will ever meet. Just because someone identifies themself as ______(fill in the blank) never assume you know exactly who they are because you dated/knew; a little/sub/slave or Daddy/Mommy,/Master/ Etc. I guarantee you, no matter how similar two people seem to be, they are not.

My first Daddy was a first time Dom and we’ll, he obliterated my heart. He took my love, trust, and faith and didn’t understand what that meant when given by little me. He thought he could treat me like any other woman he’d gone out with and at the end of three years, he hurt me like no other man ever has.

My second Daddy by contrast, was a very experienced Dom and my best friend for the better part of a decade. On paper we worked but in reality not so much. See, he thought he could treat me like any other little/sub he’d gone out with and at the end of three months, he hurt me like no other friend ever has.

So what’s the moral of these two stories? People are complex, they are not one-dimensional, they are a whole person, not just a sexual orientation,  predilection, kink or any other descriptor you’d like to plug-in. Littles especially are more than just a cute demeanor and a sweet giggle. Put as much or even more effort in to getting to know her/him as you would in getting them into bed. A D/s relationship is a RELATIONSHIP. . .it’s not “just add sub soup!” And for you lovelies looking for Daddys? It’s not instant “just add Dom ice cream sundae” either!

Most of the littles I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with and or corresponding with, are a unique blend of traits, same goes for the Doms. You can’t force chemistry or a relationship just because it all looks good on paper or because the sex is good. Nor should you settle for less than what makes both of you happy. Whether your single, dating or been married for years, you can’t force a square peg into a round hole. (Though it could be fun for a little while giggles!) Healthy, happy relationships are part luck, part work and part magic but mostly it’s two people wanting to put effort in because being together is worth it!

My first Daddy thought I was too little . .and my second Daddy thought I was too alpha. . .next time, I’m holding out for a Daddy who thinks I’m just right the way I am! And so should you!

Kisses and fairy dust!

Scarlet Fairy

P.S Extra Kisses for Kitty, thank you for inviting me into your little space and giving me a place to speak. ♡


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