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Story Time

Greetings all, this is Garrick.

There have been a few requests for more of my stories so I will begin posting them periodically. Now I am far from a professional writter so these stories are unpolished. I delved into writing to express those feelings I felt I could not express in any other way.  Please enjoy.  The only edits I’ve made were changing the names.

The Reward

“Oh great! These pictures look like crap.” Selina thought to herself as she flipped through the packet of photos she had printed. Suddenly anxious she bites her lip, “I hate this.” she thinks to herself again. Selina’s terminal shyness always hinders her, it was always such a hard struggle for her to muster up the courage to speak up. Her emotions a mix of fear, worry and embarrassment. “I shouldn’t bother the clerk,” she thinks quietly, “it’s just some silly pictures.” She turns starts to dig into her purse to pay for the images and then stops, “No, they aren’t right.” sighing she looks up at the clerk, “What if she yells at me? What if she makes a scene?”.

Selina’s thoughts run the gamut of everything and nothing in a split second as she hesitates once again. Then suddenly a calm voice somewhere deep in her core softly says to her, “You can do this, you have Him now. You can make Him proud.”

Biting her lip once more she takes a breath and then says, “Miss, these printouts look horrible was there something wrong with your processing machine?” Selina hands the photos to the clerk. Bored the clerk takes the photos and looks at a few her eyes finally showing some interest. “Hmm, you are right Ma’am. I can have these reprinted for you. Would that be alright?” the clerk asks.

Selina nods and says, “Please, if it’s not too much bother.”

“Oh no bother at all.” the clerk smiles then pulls up Selinas order from the computer and makes some notes. “There all done. These should be ready for you in an hour”

Selina smiles and “Oh.. that would be perfect, but would it be ok if I came back tomorrow and got them?”

“Sure, no problem.” the clerk responds.

“Great, thank you.” Selina says the clerk smiles and wishes her a good day as Selina turns to leave.

Her pulse racing, and breath rapid she quickly walks out of the drug store and back to her car. Excited to get home she gets in her car and quickly speeds out of the lot and heads for home.  Seeing His car there when she pulls into the driveway makes her breath catch and nipples tighten. “Gods what just the thought of him does to me.” she thinks to herself.

Quickly gathering the items from the car she heads inside. Quietly, so she doesn’t disturb Him. She gets the shopping into the kitchen and she hears a voice call out.

“Is that you pumpkin?” a mellow male voices echoes through the house.

“Yes Sir”, she responds with out thinking.

She hears his foot steps as he walks into the kitchen. Selina just stares at him for a moment and thinks “How did she get so lucky? She’s nothing all that special but gods this man. “ she pauses to just watch him move. Walking on the balls of his feet as if he is stalking prey, he just radiates this rawness that makes her tremble and wet.

“Done with the shopping pumpkin?” he asks as he starts putting some of the shopping away.

“Almost done Sir, there was a problem with the way the photos printed out. I asked the clerk to have them re-print them. I can go pick them up tomorrow.” she says rather quickly.

He stops emptying the bag he was at and looks over at her. She gulps and bites her lip, she’s seen that look before.

“What did you do pumpkin?, he asks looking directly at her.

Selina gulps and stammers, “I… I.. asked the clerk to reprint the photos”

He smiles, “I’m proud of you pumpkin. I know how hard that is for you to do.” He quickly moves over and hugs her tightly to him. Selina melts against him and says, “Thank you Daddy.” she says softly, “You were the reason I could do it.”

“I know pumpkin, still I am proud of you. I think you deserve a special reward.” he pauses, “Go, I’ll finish up here, go to the bedroom and strip and lay on the bed and wait for me.”

Blushing Selina nods and hurriedly makes her way to the bedroom. Quickly she disrobes and moves to lay on the bed but pauses to look towards the bathroom door. “Should she go pee?” she asks herself, “No he didn’t say I could.” She quickly lays herself down in the bed and waits for her wonderful man.

Staring up at the ceiling Selina just waits. Again she bites her lip as she anxiously wonders what He is doing and what is going to do. “A reward?” She thinks,  “What kind of reward?”

She hears him coming down the hall and she turns her eyes to the door. Smiling at Him as he stalks into the room. His strides taking him quickly to the bed. He sits down next to Selina. He reaches out with his hand and drags his fingers down her forehead, over her eyes, slowly downwards his fingers lightly tease. Over her chin, down her throat then over her breastbone. Selina shivers hard as goose bumps raise up on her skin. Her breath catches as his fingertips graze over a nipple then drift over to her side and moves slowly up to her shoulder.

Selina closes her eyes and just loses herself in the feeling of his fingers until she feels the handcuff close around her wrist. Jerking her eyes open she darts her head to look.

He chuckles softly at the sudden fear and surprise in her eyes. Leaning down very close to her ear, he whispers softly, “Now now pumpkin, relax, you are Mine, remember?” Standing up he then moves down towards the foot of the bed. Fingers lightly running over her hip then down her leg. Stopping at her ankle he grabs it tightly and moves outwards towards the edge of the bed where he attaches cuff.

Selina’s eyes are wide lip stuck between her teeth as she starts to squirm feeling the juice start to drip from between the swelling lips of her sex.

He grabs the other ankle and moves it out as close to the opposite edge as he can.  He attaches another cuff around her ankle then slowly he moves up and takes her other wrist and encloses that in another set of handcuffs.

Selina’s squirms get even more evident as she realizes she is secured in place. Panting slightly she just watches Him wondering what’s next.

“Now pumpkin, are you ready for the reward?” he asks.

“Yes Daddy, I am” Selina replies.

“Good girl” he says, as he reaches into the toy drawer. He pulls out a set of clover clamps and moves to sit on the bed again. He drags the cold metal chain connecting the clamps over your skin as he watches her face.

Selina groans softly, as she feels the cold metal, her cunt starts to throb at the thought of those wicked clamps on her nipples.

He attaches a clamp to a nipple he then pulling on the chain he checks to see how tight it is. Selina hisses loudly as he pulls the chain taught. She tries to lift her back upwards to ease some of the tension on her nipple but He only pulls harder.

“Pumpkin, what are you doing?” he asks

Panting hard she says, “Daddy… gods.. please… “ she begs

“Not yet pumpkin, not yet” He release the chain then quickly attaches the remaining clamp to her other nipple.

Selina’s nipples throb sending jolts of fire right to her cunt. She can feel her juices flowing out of her and her clit is so hard it hurts.

He walks back over to the toy drawer. Reaching in he pulls out a small round tin. He opens it and places the cover on the top of the dresser. Returning to the bed he drags his finger into the tin and comes out with a waxy ointment. Selina groans loudly as she realizes he’s going to put Tiger Balm on her.

Smiling at her with an evil glint in his eye he applies a generous amount to the exposed tips of  her nipples, and then he rubs some along her labia and then down over her tight little ass.

Standing up he says, “I will be back in a moment…” then he slowly walks out of the room.

Selina lays there squirming and groaning as the Tiger Balm starts to take effect. Nipples, cunt and ass burn and tingle her cunt gets even wetter and wetter as she whimpers.

He’s standing just outside the door a little down the hall. Smiling to himself as he listens to her as she struggles from the building fire from the balm.

She pants and chews at her lip as the balm burns into her. She loses touch with time and when He walks back into the room she’s not sure how long he’s been gone.

“I love seeing you like this pumpkin’, he says, “So needy you almost cry from it.”

“Yes Daddy”, she whines and pants.

He walks back over the the toy drawer. He pulls out a large plug and a long thin vibrator and returns to the bed. Leaning over her he brushes his lips against hers, Selina hungrily tries to catch His mouth moaning as His soft sensual kiss turns savage as He bites her lip hard. He growls and tugs at her lip as He turns the thin vibrator on and just barely touches one of her nipples. Gasping at the touch she arches her back. He quickly removes the vibrator and releases her lip.

Selina aching and sweating licks her lip where He bit down and watches Him through a lustful haze. “Please Daddy…”, she starts to beg.

Shaking His head He says, “No, not yet…”

“But Daddy!” she starts to say but yelps when he suddenly swats her cunt.

“I said no pumpkin.” He softly says, “You know the rules.”

He sets the vibrator aside and reaches for the plug. He says, “Open so I can get this ready for you”

Selina suddenly panics, “Oh gods,” she thinks to herself, “I don’t remember if I cleaned that toy from the last time I used it”. He presses the tip to her lips and pushes responding she opens her mouth wide.

“Get it nice and wet pumpkin.” He tells her.

Selina runs her tongue all over the plug she shoves her head up trying to get more in her mouth. She grunts when the large plug hits the back of her throat. Over and over she tries to gag herself on the plug as He watches. “That’s a good cunt. Look at you, so hungry for it. Needy lil cunt.”, he says harshly.

He pushes on the base of the large plug forcing it deeper into her mouth stretching her lips more as she slobbers all over the plug.

He finally pulls the plug from her mouth then places the wet tip against her tight lil ass. He pushes hard.

Selina cries out at the sudden stretching of her ass. “Oh God Daddy! Please!!!” she calls out, “I’m going to cum…”

“Don’t you dare pumpkin. You cum before I say you can and this reward will become a punishment”, He says softly.

“Daddiieeeee!!!!” she yells as the toy pops inside her, she explodes in orgasm unable to control herself.

His eyes darken and he says, “You disobedient slut. “ He growls, “Now you will be punished”.  Standing up He unhooks his belt and slowly pulls it free from his slacks. Selina panting and shivering as she watches. “I’m sorry Daddy, I.. I”

“Quite slut!” he growls harshly, “Don’t make me gag you as well.”

He takes the belt in between his hands and folds it once. He suddenly snaps it taut with a loud crack. Selina jumps at the sound whimpering loudly tears forming in her eyes.

Reaching down he tugs hard on the chain holding her clamps in place. “Daddieeeee!!!” she wails

Smiling to Himself he tugs again and he watches her shudder and wail again knowing she’s close again to another orgasm. Unlooping the belt he lets the end dangle between her thighs.

Selina gasps when she feels the leather bump against her swollen lips. She moves his hips trying to get more contact with the belt.

Suddenly he cracks the belt against her lips. “Fuuuccckk Daddiiee!!” she wails as the sensation overwhelms and she explodes in another orgasm.



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