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Garrick’s Story’s (Follow up to “Just Being Helpful)

So….yesterday, I shared a post called “Just Being Helpful” which was about about an interaction between Garrick and “used” it to demonstrate the playful brattiness that can happen between a Daddy and his Little.  In truth, I’ve been doing this all week to poke the bear so to speak and EXPECTED to keep getting away with it as I have been as I thought I had been.  However, like the sneaky Daddy Dom that he is, he waited for the perfect opportunity to snap his trap close and got me (Giggle).

When he “urged” me to share the story…he knew that I couldn’t share Chapter 2 without sharing Chapter 1 and knew that I wouldn’t be able to back down from said challenge once someone else replied that they did want to read it.  Wait……


ALWAYS remember that a good Daddy NEVER forgets, they are like elephants that way!  Like Julius Caesar, he will trap you when you least suspect it, even if he has to wait a couple of years for it (Giggle).

Ok now that I have that out of the way (Giggle)…..

In essence, this is a story that Garrick wrote when he was my Daddy.  As you will be able to tell after reading it, Chapter 1 was written during a period when I was being an EXTREME bitch to everyone and some of that “may” have leaked out into my conversations with him.  He took actually events that had happened that day and wove them into the story.

SIDE BAR:  This behavior and “claims/accusations of my tone and behavior” lead to the first time that I had to self spank (we were long distance) and lets just say….when your dealing with a Sadist EVIL genius PLEASE don’t think you can fake your way through a long distance spanking… won’t work!

Video would have worked just fine but NOOOOOOO he wanted to “LISTEN” and I had to be sure to hit extra hard so as to allow him to hear it through the phone.  Now, for the RECORD, let me say that in the beginning SOMEONE kept saying he could not hear the smack and for me to redo it it.  If we were on video he could have SEEN IT, if the phone had been next to my bottom then he could have HEARD it nice and clear, but NOOOOOO he DEMANDED the phone be placed above my head…but I will digress on this (Giggle).

Chapter 2….chapter 2 was written as a means of him reminding me of my slutty nature and that he enjoys it.  Even now…my face is BRIGHT red as I loaded those stories to the pages and made them public.  Even now, I find my mind transported to these stories and craving these moment that were written

He encouraged me to share them before but….well he writes me and my desires so well that I chickened out declaring I would NEVER share them.   I am once again reminded that just because you are a SUPER smart and intelligent woman and Little (and super villain) , don’t have a Daddy Dom or Care Taker who is a REAL Sadist genius (tested with the scores to prove it) as you won’t always win!

If you read the stories…please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section


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