Little Things

Little words and phrases

girl and chalkboard.jpgWe little’s have our own way of speaking at times and getting around our Daddy Dom’s/Masters rules for cursing (if you have one that is).  The funny thing is, not everyone knows these words or understands their means.  So for those Little’s and babygirls new to the life style, I thought that I would add a section here for common things we say, or phrases we use, or those made up by the snarky, sassy, sexy girls I know and love (cough, cough WWA and Darling).

So I”m creating a corner and invite my fellow Little’s to share your favorite words/phrases and their meanings with me here in the comment section or via email in the “Contact Me” above.

Daddy’s…NO PEEKING as this is NOT FOR YOU!!! (Giggle)


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