Little Things

Little words and phrases

girl and chalkboard.jpgWe little’s have our own way of speaking at times and getting around our Daddy Dom’s/Masters rules for cursing (if you have one that is). Β The funny thing is, not everyone knows these words or understands their means. Β So for those Little’s and babygirls new to the life style, I thought that I would add a section here for common things we say, or phrases we use, or those made up by the snarky, sassy, sexy girls I know and love (cough, cough WWA and Darling).

So I”m creating a corner and invite my fellow Little’s to share your favorite words/phrases and their meanings with me here in the comment section or via email in the “Contact Me” above.

Daddy’s…NO PEEKING as this is NOT FOR YOU!!! (Giggle)


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