Just being helpful

When Garrick was my Daddy we use to share the stories that we wrote, sometimes adding to or writing together.  One day while we were texting we  had the BEST back and forth that to this day still makes me giggle.

DADDY:  I have another story kicking around in my head itching to come out.

ME:  want me to slap your head and help knock it out for you?

DADDY:  Only if you want me to bruise your backside.

ME:  (Eye batting) but I only offered trying to be helpful

DADDY:  Of course you were 🙂   I’m on to your womanly wiles!

Not long after, I got chapter 2 of the story that he wrote for me that is STILL one of my favorite gifts from him LOL


6 thoughts on “Just being helpful

    1. (Giggle) And THIS Ladies and Gentleman is a SHINING example of how a Daddy Dom will take something perfectly innocence and twist it into a trap of his own making 😜


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