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Babygirl and Little’s as M.I.L.F

Last week I received another message from a YOUNG man (23 yr old switch) asking to do things that he is not old enough to even know HOW to do correctly!  Bless their sweet precious hearts but don’t they know how to make a lady smile (oh I’m sorry, did my snark come out there?)

I’m not the only one who gets these…in fact, these messages could become trading cards amongth those of us over 40 who them.  What I don’t get is…why do you message SUBMISSIVE babygirls and Little’s asking us to DOMINATE YOU????

My reply was to tell him to come back when he didn’t smell like similac.  His reply was to ask me what was that (Giggle).  Today I saw this video and it reminding me of his message as well as the hot sexy friends I have who qualify.  So shouts out to us Ladies, and the special little messages that we attract.


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