From Garrick

When I first restarted this blog…I wanted Garrick to be a part of it as he was the driving force behind me coming to WordPress in the beginning and to reaching out to others that I found here.  When I did so, I created a place just for him so that as people got to know me, they would also know about this amazing friend and caring Daddy Dom in my life.

Garrick wrote this response to what it that I wanted to share as it means the world to me when he writes for me.  The man has a TWISTED brain when used against some poor Little girl tired to a tree in the woods (Giggle).  However, when he loves and cares for you…there is nothing that he won’t do for you.

Here is what he wrote:

From Garrick: I don’t comment on Selina’s blog very often because I’m a rather private person and my job keeps me very busy. I do however feel the need to comment on being Selina’s Caregiver.

 I stumbled across her snarky post one day and it made me laugh and all I did was send her a quick note telling her how much I enjoyed her snark. We traded messages all day and she ticked something in my mind and it didn’t take long until I wanted her naked, exhausted and utterly spent at my feet.

My primal side rarely reacts that way to someone so quickly I took notice. Admittedly I wasn’t really looking for anything more than someone to flirt and exchange witty banter with.  Rather quickly though we progressed to phone calls and as we got to know one another something else developed. Yes the “Thank you Daddy” comment scared us both, I really wasn’t looking for a girl, I’d had too many failed attempts at long distance relationships, and scared too many girls off because I am fairly twisted in my kinks. (and no I am not going to list them out, if you want to know drop me a note on my journal). I really enjoyed talking to Selina and was honestly worried that if I let her in I would scare her away like I have others.

Well Sel is a persistent little minx, she wormed her way past my walls, to see my darkness and while some of the kinks I expressed to her she had zero experience with she didn’t run screaming from me either. She in fact sought out other submissives who enjoyed some of those kinks to better understand them and me. This was a first in my experience, I never interacted with someone who would put the time and consideration into trying to understand what I got out of something. Then she opened up to me about her darkness, and in doing so showed me one I didn’t know I enjoyed.

As to being her caregiver: She needs one in truth as Sel pushes and pushes trying to always get her way as often as she can and when she’s running free she does tend to get herself into some trouble. She needs the structure, and the reminders that there are consequences to her actions and behavior.  Selina has made me a better Daddy, and a better man. She challenges me in good ways and helps me grow as a person not only as a DaddyDom.

Do I feel responsible for her? Of course I do, Do I need to warn all the unsuspecting Doms, Daddies, and Wannabes out there about her? No, for two reasons. 1 being I enjoy hearing her snarky cutting remarks to the wannabes, and two the Daddy who lands Selina as his babygirl will have to figure her out like I did and earn her respect, trust and devotion.

(Giggle) Poor guy, one day I will tell him that he is being held hostage but well…not today (exit with evil laugh)


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