Daddy is Awesome

[This is a poem that I wrote a few years back and wanted to share]  

One morning when Garrick was my Daddy he sent me a text saying he was having a shitty day and wished he could be home with me cuddled under blankets reading or watching Disney movies.  After about 30 minutes I texted to ask what he was doing, his reply was that he was drinking his coffee reading over reports.  I texted him this poem that I wrote for him:

Daddy is Awesome and Daddy is Kind

Daddy loves to shove his cock up my behind

Biting my nipples and pulling my hair

Daddy gives me pleasure beyond compare

To suck his dick and be his fuck holes

gives me such joy only Daddy can know

RESPONSE:  Daddy snorted coffee through his nose (giggle)

I think I should get extra points cause it was hot ;o)


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