Little but still a Lioness

fanning selfI’ve been at work since I got called in at 4am dealing with shit that OTHERS below me SHOULD have done 3 weeks ago and TOLD me had been done.  Now mind you, I KNOW that those under me are some PETTY bitches and I do my best to remain professional and to keep my cool but at times…ohhhhhhh at times they make me take out my fan and do this to center myself and not come out of pocket.  I know that they want to see me demote, that they think they can do my job better but the fact is, they can’t.  This person thought that she was going to drop this bomb and I was going to look bad while she just skated by with an “ooops, my fault”.  What they fail to realize is, when I delegate things to them, I ALWAYS have a back up plan and I am ALWAYS checking up on them and was prepared for this so putting out the fire wasn’t as hard as she thought it would be.  Silly rabbit (evil giggle).

29004-Little-Girl-Dancing-gif-fZXnI realized not long after being promoted that those under me didn’t want to see me succeed at my job.  They are older than me, not near as qualified as me, and resent that I was promoted because this program is BROKEN and needed a fixer.  I was promoted because I fixed my location and they needed someone to do the same thing to the program as a whole.  I tried to be patient with them, and work closely with my coordinator but even meet resistance there as she didn’t want to listen, and didn’t want to heed my advice.   In the end, I was offered her job and she is aware of it and that I declined as I didn’t want to move to her location.

the-duffI didn’t allow her or their pettiness get to me, no I did what you should do when you know that petty people are out to get you fired.  I documented EVERYTHING and when our high ups called us to the carpets, she was the one with her neck in the sling as I had proof of what was really going on.  In the end, she was let go with a replacement coming in mid April.  Am I happy she lost her job and got fired?  No but I am relieved to not have to battle with her to get things done and to finally have someone at the top level doing what they are supposed to don.  This makes my job easier and allows me to GROW the program instead of just treading water.

got-game-of-thrones-31705247-500-520However, these basic bitches below me have forgotten a vital piece of information in their lashing out over her being let go.  what is that you ask?  They have forgotten that their protection from me is also gone now.  I am the acting coordinator so all the crap she was covering and making excuses for…yep you guessed it…that protection is also gone.  Now they HAVE to do their job and they HAVE to deal with a REAL manager who isn’t going to accepting lying about progress and then stepping back to say “my fault, I thought I was good”.

As soon as I finished putting out fires, I started on the written counseling and reprimand and sent it to this employee who sent it back telling me that I was crazy if I thought she was going to AGREE to being counseled for a slip up.  I sent her the list of her “slip ups” that she has been verbally counseled on and informed her she didn’t have to agree, it was a courtesy email letting her know what was coming.

1549333_527042947431828_4074880066065438689_nI’m really done with people feeling they can use me for whatever they need and giving me nothing in return.  I’m tired of people taking my kindness for weakness and trying to take advantage of me.  What they fail to realize is that while I am submissive and naturally feel pleasure taking care of others…I also need to feel something coming back in return.  When I don’t, I begin to pull in and watch you.  When I begin to watch you, I watch your words and action and I make a play to ensure that I am protected so you don’t catch me slipping.  This is what I learned growing up in a military family with siblings who were over achievers.

So now, now I”ve been at work for 6 hours and having written this, I feel better.  Now, I can start my day with a calm demeanor and a outward appearance as I wait for her next strike.  It’s a shame when people won’t come at you directly but want to be sneaky with undermining you.




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