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64 Hours of togetherness

When we woke up together on Thurs morning, Mr. Goodnight invited me to come back that night and stay until Sat.  Now, I was PRETTY nervous heading over after work but upon coming through the door, he put me at ease.  When he suggested we both call in to work and play hookie, I was on board and excited….it was flattering that he wanted even more time together.  The night didn’t go as planned but, it was…NICE.

Friday we got up and started our day and it took a while (Giggle) but it was nice to have someone to share laughs and giggles with, someone to lay in bed and have a long conversation with, and someone to wake up and listen to their breathing and not feel alone.  It feels amazing to lay in bed and feel someone reach for you in their sleep and to know that they WANT to feel you next to them.

On Friday we went and had lunch at a place on the water and he was a total gentleman opening my car door for me and telling me about the area that we were in.  When we got to the restaurant, my social anxiety acted up a little but not that much due to the fact that Mr. Goodnight sat beside me rather than across from me and sat me with my back to the room so I didn’t have to see the people coming and going.  I was able to stay OK and focus on Mr. Goodnight (without asking for help) and lunch and that made it all the better.

After eating, we had a walk along the water with his dog and listening to him tell me about his past, his goals and plans for the future…just really impressed me more that this man is a thinker and very different from other men I’ve dated.  We talked about my list (he was a good sport when I confessed to making it so long to freak him out) of wants and what he is looking for in a partner and just shared each other which was very nice.

Even when he wasn’t feeling well, rather than ending our time together, he let me take care of him and his dog and it was nice to feel like we were both enjoying our time together.  I actually asked him on Sat if he wanted me to go home or stay another night and after some thinking the decision was made for me to stay.  We just kept going with the talking and getting to know each other…the sharing of information and even some light play with his cuffs and floggers which felt AMAZING!!!!  To be honest…I didn’t want it to end and asked for pics to be taken which he did.  I asked him to send me the pics as I wanted to share them here but they didn’t come out that sexy (to me) so I won’t scare anyone but will rather wait until I get some weight off (and tone up)…I’ll ROCK the bondage look!

This morning, I told him I was going to head home after breakfast and he countered with a suggestion I bring some clothes and stay longer.  Poor guy, I think at this point he was suffering from Stockholm syndrome and just didn’t know any better (Giggle).

In the end, he had something to do and I needed to get home to check on the sister.  Altogether, we spent 64 hours together and I have to say…it was a really nice time.  Even after I got home, we’ve been chatting most of the day and still talking and it’s been nice.  I can honestly say that I feel more secure in us getting to know each other versus the nervousness  when I showed up on Thursday after work.  Would/will I do it again?   I can honestly say, that I would love to if he invites me to.

You know…they say it takes a victim of  Stockholm Syndrome a long time to recover (giggle) who know you know!


4 thoughts on “64 Hours of togetherness

  1. Can I get a woop woop!! I LOVE when a date turns into a weekend. There’s nothing better than just feeling comfortable enough to want it to keep going and going and going. I’m sending you tons of good luck vibes!! Very exciting.

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