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Local Munches

I’ve written before on my old blog about attending local community kink events but wanted to also address it here.  I LOVE my local community….hate the city but these people make it worth the cold and commuter traffic.  I am almost bouncing in my seat with anticipation on the day of an event and can barely contain myself when I am in the final hours to the start time.

To say that I go to my happy Little place is an UNDERSTATEMENT!  But more than that…I know that I am going to spend time with people who not only care about me but accept me for who and what I am.  I don’t have to worry about being to sub, to Little, to slavish…I just have to be myself and be open to getting to know others.

And I’m happy to say that I have…people who not only make me feel good when I arrive, but make me feel like they are excited to see me and spend time with me.  It is really sad how many people that you talk to on kink sites who don’t understand why these are so important or the benefit that you get from socializing with others in the life style.

Well what I can tell you from personal experience is that it allows you to meet others in a SAFE setting, there are Dom’s, Masters, and Domme’s who are MORE than willing and happy to watch out for you at an event, if you are attending and ask them to.

It’s also a great way to meet friends who understand the life style and can support you through the growing pains.  For me, when life got bad last year I had to pull away and am just now getting back into the groove of attending.  But what I can tell you is that each local person I have reached out to has given me a hug right back.  Each munch that I have gone back to attending I am greeted with open arms and statements such as “we missed you”.

More than that…I get to meet new people and tell them what a great group they have walked into as well as to help them feel as relaxed and happy in the setting as I have found myself feeling.  That’s what this is all about, be it here, Fetlife, or attending Munches and Communinity events.  It’s building a stronger community of love and support among like minded people and you can’t help but feel loved within your own community of people.

Last night, I went back to my bowling munch and it was AWESOME!!!!  I was late arriving due to helping a work friend but when I arrived, I felt like Norm walking into the Cheers bar (Giggle).  I bowled a 80 in my first game and a 61 in my second WELL above my regular 40 something scores (guess I’m getting better LOL

What I realized today is that attending these events, I also get not only a sense of belonging and friendship but they rejuvenate me.  Seeing the solid D/s couples loving each other and doing basic vanilla things with their D/s woven in, gives me hope for the future and what I would like to build for myself.


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