Speaking from the Soul

I Bring Me

When I decided to restart my blog I had to ask myself…what am I looking for?  Where did I get lost in this journey?  I got lost when I stopped being myself and started trying to be like the others subs, babygirls, and slaves that I met.  I tried to avoid identifying as a Little and would argue you down if you tried to say that I was.

I’m done doing that…I’m all those things but I’m also a Little at my core.  I require someone who can accept complex but I bring a LOT to the table as well.  There isn’t anything that I won’t do or give to the man that I love and serve.

I need to remind myself of this when those insecurities set in and challenge me to feel worthy of finding what I desire.  If you see me at work, I”m a Queen holding court.  When it comes to helping friends or caring for my kids and family…I am loyal, fierce, and will rip the throat out of anyone who would harm them.

So why then do I pull into my shell when I think that someone finds me lacking as a Little?  When I think that I am asking for to much I try to pull back in to a ball and back due with less.  This is something that I need to work on as it is not conducive to what I desire for my future.


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