Little Dating

Dating Update Mar 10, 2017 (Not Settling)

Dating as a sub or a babygirl is not easy…dating as a Little isn’t easier…it’s harder in a way.  Every since I embraced this part of myself, I”ve found I have to be more careful and watchful for those who aren’t really true to the my desires or even to the life style.  More and more I find guys who want to “play Daddy” but have no true desire to do the WORK of a Daddy Dom, let alone what you would expect from a Dom or Master.

Don’t get me wrong, not every guy I meet is a poser or just out to steal a quick hook up.  Several lately have been new to the lifestyle and still learning the ropes.  Sweet guys who had a sincere desire to learn and shared similar desires as me but in the end…I kept feeling as if I had to hold myself back in order to make anything with them work.

Last week I asked Garrick his opinion (as a my caretaker) about a guy  that I was interested in and whom I was getting along with.  After being very honest with him about were things stood with this man his reply was…

The questions you have to ask yourself, do you want to train him to be a Dom?
is he just a chew toy for your feline?

To be honest love, you are not for a newbie. That’s not a criticism of you at all. You just need an experienced DaddyDom who understands how to navigate your complex nature…

When we talked later he expounded that while I always said what a great Daddy He had been to me, that at times he Himself was challenged by my dual natures.

Always had the powerAfter thinking about all that he said…I had to realize that a part of me was annoyed when I had to hold back.  When I felt myself overwhelming his newness or trying to explain why I owned him an apology at times.  After almost 3 weeks of this dance, I was grateful when we both agreed we are better just staying friends.

In the past, I would have been upset but what I realized when I really stopped to think about it is that I’m not letting these failures to launch weigh me down or break my spirit…I KNOW that this lifestyle is what I choose and that at some point, the Daddy Dom for me will find me and we will start the journey to getting to know each other.

It’s funny but several babygirls and Little’s who began their journey around the same time as me have either found their Daddy Dom or they have given up and settled for Vanilla guys.  It’s curious to see that those who have settled don’t seem to be truly happy with what they have chosen but just seem to be marking time with him while they continue to dip a foot in the kinky pond.  This isn’t fair to their vanilla partner nor to themselves and this isn’t something that I am willing to consider for myself.

Those who have found a Daddy are putting in the hard work to serve and build a relationship that they both desire.  That is what I crave and what I am willing to wait for.  When you are a Snarky, Sassy, Southern, Super VIllain…it’s hard to settle for less.


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