D/s Dating

Seeking House Mouse

Last night I was in bed trying to sleep and got up for a little while to check in on my game to take my mind off the work issues swirling in my brain.  Checking my email I saw that I had a message on a BDSM website I frequent.  Let me say, that I basically only go there to hang out in the chat room and sometimes I do exchange messages with those whom I’ve meet in the chat rooms and  want to get to know better.

For your giggling pleasure…allow me to share a recent encounter with you…

This is the message that the dear sweet MuffMaster thought to grace my inbox with…


So I went to his profile and this is what I read…


Now I went back and forth on the type of response that he was to receive and in the end, this is what I sent….


He was lucky I was to tired to use big words and my snarky/sassy wand!


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