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Bedtime story share

Now that I am putting myself to bed, I have to find my own bedtime stories.  The plus side of this is that I can choose whatever I want.  The down/bad side is that I keep choosing stories that get me all hot and bothered!

Now most times, I choose stories that get me aroused, I get off and I’m good.  Other times I find stories that make me wish I had a Daddy to read me a dirty story before bed and then put me to sleep with warm rosy cheeks.

But I”m getting off track here.  So one day a while back I found Rollin Hand’s Disciplinary Tales” blog and he is such a good writer that he keeps me coming back for more stories.  Recently he wrote a trio that kept me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next one and then made me cry when it ended!

So tonight, I am going to read all 3, spank myself and call it a night.  But I wanted to share them in case anyone else needed a little spanking goodnight as well (Giggle).

Rose Red – Part # 1

Rose Red – Part # 2

Rose Red – Part # 3



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