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Go the F**K to sleep (Giggle)

Story Daddy is still getting settled back in from his trip but still isn’t feeling well.  I’ve stopped trying to ask things to be helpful as he is sick and cranky and it just annoys him.  However we do still talk at night before bedtime so its been nice to read to him and feel like I am still somewhat useful to him.

I have been on an Egpytian Gods/Godess kick here lately so I was really happy Thursday night when he surprised me with a bedtime movie about the rise of Egypt.  I was not happy that I fell asleep within minutes of turning it on.  I have been burning the candle at both ends and just didn’t have the fight in me.

So last night I was NOT in the mood to go to sleep, but honestly I was PAST tired but to many things in my mind to want to close my eyes.  So I crept in the house without texting Story Daddy and worked on some blog stuff before chatting with a sweetie who was in need.

Now at some point I thought to my self, I need to text to say good night so that in the morning I can say that I did say good night.  It was after 0130 and I’m surprised when he texted back.  Now a part of me wanted to get lectured and told to go to bed but then the cranky part that is beyond tired said he wasn’t going to care and went back to fighting my sleep and trolling tumblr.

Imagine my surprise when I instead got a text back with the following URL.  Now he had sent this to me before and I’m not sure if he sent it to make me smile knowing it would make me happy or just because it was still in his phone but it made me smile and while I was listening to Morgan Freeman I feel asleep!

You have to love it when someone who is as twisted than you!


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