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Bedtime Stories

Four Seasons 0004I was talking to a new friend from Fetlife last night and we were discussing his journey as a new Daddy and my hope for finding my forever Daddy.  I honestly believe that he will be a great Daddy to a lucky little girl when he is ready.  But this isn’t about that.  At some point he reminded me that I was up late and told him he was responsible (you know us Littles, we will blame anyone but ourselves most times).  We went back and forth a few times before I reminded him, he never ASKED me if I had a bedtime or what my routine was.  He asked and I told him, I need to be down for the night by 10pm or I am cranky the next day.

He told me to start getting ready and for the most part I was, just needed to find my bedtime story.  This was something that surprised him as he thought only “Littles” wanted bedtime stories which is why he preferred Middles.  I had to giggle at this because I am a Middle but I do enjoy a bedtime story.  It helps me to relax and calm my mind and find a calm place to drift off to sleep.

As I’ve said, he will be a really great Daddy for some Little when he is ready because after I told him this and while I was completing my routine he looked up some stories and was actually prepared to read me on.  It was cute that he asked what I preferred and I was honest, I wanted to hear about his Thesis that he is working on (he is in Grad School).  Let me tell you, I could head the confusion in his voice asking why when I wouldn’t really understand any of it.

Now I didn’t tell him this but smart guys are a turn on for me but more than that, the passion in his voice when he talks about it and the excitement of what he is doing really does put me in a happy place.  I was off to dreamland with an express ticket!  Best part is, I woke up and then got a second sleepy tale (giggle).  I am really glad that people who talk to me don’t get offended when I drift off to sleep on them.  it’s not that I find them boring but that I have become comfortable enough with them to relax that much.

I’ve said before, there are so many guys who will rush to take advantage of someone like me, making it all about sex.  It is nice to have Dom’s/Daddy’s/Men in my life who don’t mind looking after an orphan little for a little while.  They give me hope as I drift off that one day, it will be with my Daddy laying next to me.


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