Say Something

I am such a putz! This song came on the radio and within the first minute of it playing I was in tears. By the end of it the loss of Daddy…Garrick (Really need to fix that in my head) was fresh, cutting, and present. To the point that I actually took out my phone and called him.

Luckily for me by the 3rd ring I had pulled myself back together enough to have the frame of mind to hang up but a part of me wonders what went through his head when he saw my name and number on his caller ID.

Was he sad he missed the call? Did he see it and just ignore it not wanting to talk to me? For all of my talk of I’m doing fine this one song brought me to my knee’s to the point I had to pull over and cry it out before I could drive again.

Breaking up is hard to do and it sucks ARSE as well!~


11 thoughts on “Say Something

    1. Sometimes I wanna hear from him and others I’m glad I haven’t. Sometimes I’m glad he didn’t fight the break up and others…..I just want him to “Say Something”


  1. Hugs hunny. It gets better. My first Daddy ripped my heart out and broke it in a million pieces… and today I’m happy. Just remember to breath and think minute to minute if you have too…. focus on YOU



  2. Just stop trying to be superwoman and you’ll be fine. You’ve always been an emotional brat so would expect nothing less as a sub


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