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Face Palm for stupid

facepalm-cat1Soooo…I am shaking my head at what I can only term as STUPID PEOPLE and normally I would shake this with Daddy…Garrick (really need a brain reprogram) but since that’s not an option I thought I would give those who read this a good giggle.

As I meantioned in a previous post (don’t remember which I was a little drunk this weekend) on Saturday I removed all the information from my ABOUT ME Fetlife Section and just added a blurb this would be updated at a late date.  I removed Garrick as my Daddy and owner and haven’t posted anything in any forms…not looking for vultures to attack the fresh prey just yet.

Well I have had a few people who have sent me messages asking “What happened” and I’ve simply said that I’m not ready to discuss it but that we are going to just be friends.  Well one particular person who I had meet via a post through a forum just gave me a face palm moment today…

Sir Stupid:  I see that you removed your Daddy from your profile, does that mean he no longer owns  you as well?

ME:  (Looks at the screen and shakes my head at how stupid the question seems) Do you see him listed as my owner?

Sir Stupid:  No

Me:  Then I guess he is not my owner any more

Sir Stupid:  Does that mean your looking for a new Daddy and owner?

Me:  No, not at this time

Sir Stupid:  Can I ask how long your gonna wait before you look for a new one?

Me:  (Looking at the computer screen with a WTF look) come again?

Sir Stupid:  I’m just saying, you seem like a strong sub, knows her shit, and won’t take to much work for the right Dom…how long are you gonna wait before you move on

Me:  Right now IN THIS MINUTE I would say Half passed the monkey’s ass and a quarter to his balls give or take a day or so

Sir Stupid:  Well when your ready, know that I’ve already put my name on the list of possible contenders

Me:  FACE PALM!!!!



9 thoughts on “Face Palm for stupid

  1. No, seriously, a true contender. Just tell him your brother, DRILL SGT, is vetting all applicants now. Hahaha!!! Imagine the fireworks in Drill Sgt got hold of this wackadoo!!!!! Lolololol.


    1. Lord I would never hear the end if I allowed my brother to “vet” my Dom choices!!! Its bad enough that he has DECIDED to mentor me….anything more and I would be looking for a body dump location


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