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The morning after

Its weird, to wake up and want to text “Good Morning” and know I shouldn’t and can’t. To want to hear his voice and know again, I shouldn’t and can’t. I went to bed drunk from Patron and cheese puffs and awoke hung over and sad.

Before I could wallow I saw all of your kind messages, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. I did have a few who emailed me from the email listed on my homepage who wanted to tell me what a smuck my Daddy….Garrick was for breaking my heart. Please understand that while the kind words meant tons please don’t bash my Daddy…Garrick (I really need to get use to not calling him Daddy any more).

He did not break my heart, I broke my heart. As much as we love each other we are not a good fit right now. As much as we love each other, he can’t give me the dominance that I need and that is not his fault or mine but a statement of fact. He didn’t choose this for us, I choose it for me and it sucks arse but it’s the right thing.

I hate the thought of someone else calling him Daddy or Master but I know that by ending this now I will still be able to call him friend and that has to be enough for now.

If anyone is a smuck its me for wanting more than he can give. I am a lot to handle…I am a Babygirl with a little side, who is VERY submissive with a strong Brat streak and slave desires. It takes a strong and special man to take on a beast such as me and I love him for trying.

Agenda for today, choosing a destination to run away to and watch Lakehouse and the Notebook


38 thoughts on “The morning after

    1. Thank you…sometimes standing out in the crowd just seems like to hard of work and makes you wonder why.


    1. Thank you and I hope so…I don’t honestly see it getting worse so there is my bright light for the day 🙂


    1. I try to be easy…try not to be to much or to demanding but I can’t help it no matter how I try. Easier would be SO much easier but it seems to be that one thing I am incapable of.


    1. Thank you SO MUCH!!! Right now it would be a pity party of a ramble but I can’t tell you much your offer means.


      1. OH YOU POOR THING!!! I am watching Titanic and taking shots of Patron until I feel tipsy and then eating to sober up and then repeating the cycle…still trying to plan my escape but that will come in the AM


  1. Ekidon, she is….and easy will never be her either. She has always been a little bit of everything. She is a force of nature and deserves a Dom with the time, energy, and balls to withstand the force.

    She really is a geek looking for her Batman and getting into every avenue of trouble till she does.


    1. I don’t think it’s fair to say GKS is getting into EVERY avenue of trouble, Drill Sgt! …I mean, she’s been good several days this week….and there were some avenues we discussed….so. many. avenues.


      1. There is always a calm before every storm…it’s called prep time in battle. She wouldn’t know how to stay out of trouble even if we slapped her with a BE GOOD stick smh


    2. I reserve the right to take offense to this at a later date…I’m not sure which part but I honestly feel that was not meant as a compliment big brother.

      Thank you Angel for pointing out that I have been on my BEST behavior this week! It was REALLY HARD and yet I stayed on that path of good! Not to mention he is always trying to hit me with something…he is such a sadist!

      Ekidon thank you for agreeing with Angel that my brother is a bully and picking on me.


      1. Big difference between responsible Dom and overbearing self loathing bully. I’m sorry, but just seems wrong to me. I trust my gut.


      2. Oh that is a PERFECT way to sum him up!!! Drill SGT you are an overbearing self loathing BULLY!!!!!!


    1. I’m changing up now…that drink sounds better than taking shots of patron and munching cheese puffs…although there is something to be said about licking your fingers clean that is very NICE -giggle-

      And he is to lazy to join Fetlife and stalk us there so we are free to trash him there as we choose.


      1. Whoohoo!! That’s good news, Catwoman! And seriously, adult floats. They work really well with the cheese puffs or hot buttered popcorn. The real stuff not that microwaved crap.


  2. Angel I think you and she both need to be spanked REGULARY to prevent the naughty from taking over your minds. You need strong men capable of attaching chocked collars and using them. You both are not for the weak of heart or the timid but a Dom who loves you enough to give you the structure you crave.

    Your Sir has indeed earned his place in Valhalla


    1. Oh, dear dear Drill Sgt. You should pop over to my blog and see what I just posted. It will make your domly heart pound with empathy for my poor Sir. Here you go: I’d feel sorry for him, but it’s not like I am not an open book….


    2. Drill Sgt, meh. Choke collar. I can out think those little pesky things. Amazing how those little clear zip ties stop those things from going anywhere. However, last night after I sent him a SUPER naughty picture while he was in the boys locker room with a message about forgetting what the picture was used for, he stormed out to the car and pinched the living crap out of me and promised a tied down retribution on Sunday night that included the wheel and tickling. No spanking. Sigh.


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