Blog Name Change/Babygirl Reborn no more

When I first started this blog all I knew was that I wanted to drop the trappings of pretending to be vanilla and embracing my babygirl ways.  I wanted to once again live the D/s life style and not just live it but embrace it all they way this time.

I had a general idea of what I wanted but when I actually found it, it caught me by surprise.  I mean, I knew from the first message that He was different.  From the first message He captivated my mind, my attention, and my imagination.  In fact,  that first day I got His message during lunch time and we didn’t stop talking until almost 9pm.  When He said good night I was really sad but when he told me his name was Garrick and he would talk to me the next day…I went to bed smiling and hoping it was true.

The next day I woke up to a fresh message and I was like a teenager giggling and blushing because one of the popular guys said hi to me in the hallway at school.  In fact, I had actually been talking to someone else at the time that I meet Garrick and trully thought this was going to be my Dom.  Yet every time I got a message from Garrick I couldn’t reply fast enough and always found myself blushing and giggling even just from his text messages.

Its been 2 months since then and each day I fall more in love with him.  Today we talked about the first day we knew that we were more than friends and our journey so far.  It made me realize how much we seem to mirror each others thoughts at times.  For the last few days I’ve been thinking at the change in direction my life has taken.

Last night when I sat to write something I couldn’t get pass the title of my blog, “Babygirl Reborn”.  I have been reborn but I am no longer on a journey to find my inner Babygirl.  Now I am enjoying my journey with Garrick, being his Kitten and being his Slave.  I want this to reflect that here and while we were talking today I asked him if I could change my name to something that reflected me at this point of my journey.

No longer do I just want to find myself as a babygirl but I am also looking forward to our Journey towards a TPE relationship.  It is new territory for both of us but together we will get there.  We also talked about my blog and how much of my true inner self I reveal to Him here and I realized that truly I write this now for him.  To know myself better and to show myself to him without the filters and barriers that I instinctively put up.

I guess more than anything I love it when he calls me his babygirl, when he calls me Kitten, and when he calls me his Slave.  His name is Garrick and I belong to him and that makes me more happy than I can even begin to say.


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