Catwoman Kind of Day

So once again I stayed up later than I should have and this time I over slept (really need to get back on track with that).  It really sucked because Daddy sent me a message so we could open my present but I couldn’t because I had to drop off kids from the slumber party.  Daddy said that we would hook up later so I was good right…nope stupid phone was dead with no car charger…FML is how I was feeling let me tell you!  But I carried on doing what had to be done and I realized that listening to  Daddy’s music always calms me so I pulled out the Sound Cloud app and there I was, good to go.

I even got to talk to my Mookie (her Daddy let her have yard time -giggle-) for a little while before she had to go back to writing her sentences (her punishment was to write “I will go to bed on time NO MATTER WHAT” 100 times).  She’s still a little mad that she got in trouble for staying up late with me and I didn’t (LOVE YOU MOOKIE) but knows that her Daddy wasn’t buying that defense.  I have to wait until she gets off groundment before we can play our next caper but I am sure when I go visit here in the summer we will have a great time…note to self, ask Daddy if I can go!

Updated my fetlife profile to include my slave registration number and I was REALLY HAPPY that I took my time in doing it.  I have read so many profiles on there where it is more about what their Master/Daddy Dom won’t allow or how he restricts them than about who they are as a person.  My Daddy loves me as the snarky, sassy, sarcastic person I am and his ownership does not change that. In fact, Master did not say I had to purge my friend list or that I could not have conversations with other’s on Fet.  His only rule (hey I guess I do have some rules from Daddy…will explain that another time) is that if a guy wants to friend me on Fetlife that they must send him a request as well.  I would think that would make sense but you know how some people are…they have no respect for another’s property and regardless of what they think or how they view it…I am my Masters Property and he has the right to know who is looking through the glass at what belongs to him.  It was important to me that my profile not only represent me but also that my Masters ownership doesn’t change who I am but only enhances me as a person.

After that I trolled the groups, make some replies and really just spent a day doing nothing and enjoying how relaxing that can be.  NO drama to deal with, no deep thoughts plaguing my brain.  I even had a chance to chat with fellow babygirls on Fetlife and catch up with them via actually conversations rather than messages with long delays -giggle-.  It seems that everyone was being naughty last week and now having to deal with punishments or were just getting back to Fetlife after serving out a punishment of bandment from their Daddy.  I told each of them that as a Princess who never does wrong (My Daddy’s eye brow just went up on that one -giggle-) I am going to have to look for some more well behaves friends.  I mean I MAY have encouraged a few things but as my Uncle use to say when I was growing up “Don’t do the crime if you won’t serve the time”.

Then I not only got to TALK to Daddy but open my present and it was his scent…I really can’t tell you how happy that made me.  When Daddy and I talk on the phone I get to be a fly on the wall of his brain and let me tell you that is a fascinating place to me.  It is also a large part of what drew me to him….the sexy looks and beast counterpart were BONUS’s that I just couldn’t pass up.    It’s funny how just the little things that he does makes me happy.  How just the sound of his voice makes my  heart soar and skip a few beats.  

Well I guess that’s about it for tonight.  No deep revelation, no soul shattering realization, no crippling fear.  Just the knowledge that I don’t have to be in turmoil to appreciate my Daddy and I don’t have to be in need to have his time or attention.  

Oh wait…I also realized that my babygirl friends are a basket full of bad apples who need to either learn to do what their Daddy Dom’s say or be better female super villains!  SMH….it’s a good thing Batman finds my feline ways so attractive I don’t have to worry about those problems -giggle-



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