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Spankings….more than just smacking a bottom

tumblr_mrwdfcIjES1sd8uzto1_500I’ve been wound tight and on edge for a couple of weeks and after talking to my old Daddy Dom I realized it’s been a LONG TIME since I have been taken to task for the naughty things I do from time to time or had my bottom spanked red to remind me that good girls don’t do some of the things I have gotten away with.

Well it’s funny because while I was sulking over this dressing down I came across a blog by Surrendered Heart called More on Spanking and it had the BEST break downs on spankings!!!  Of course I had to save the pics here to remind myself that while some spankings do feel good and are a reward for good behaviors there are others as well. Its okay to want to hear Daddy put you in your place with his Daddy voice but I also had to remind myself what can come after the “Daddy voice”.

I found myself wondering if Mr. Possible would be able to understand this need and craving of mine.  Will he understand my need for domination and the differences between spankings?  There is so much I want to share and yet….how can I truly express what is in my mind and heart when there is so much chaos?  I keep telling myself when I get home we will talk, I will explain and all will be well.  But the little in me…the little in me is frightened of rejection and the disappointment that it won’t be all that we have hoped we found.



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