Urban Dictionary definition of a Daddy

I saw this in a group posting and had to share as I love how it explain a what a Daddy is from my perspective. From the first time I read it, it spoke to me and the kind of Daddy I hope to find. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did


A Daddy is the kind man worthy of a beautiful, strong intelligent woman’s love and loyal devotion. His loving is unconditional and selfless (except that he is greedy for her affection) the way nature intended a man to love a woman.

He kisses skinned knees better with sweet words and nurses your colds with laughter. A Daddy satisfies your sexual and emotional needs. A Daddy tells you nice things when your sad and makes you feel beautiful and special when your lonely.

A Daddy is the kind of man that will spank you when your bad and then kiss it better afterwards. A daddy is not only a lover, but also a best friend and nurturing authority figure. A daddy makes you feel safe and protected. A daddy teaches and inspires you to be your best. He is the kind of man that you want to please and should never abuse, mistreat or take for granted. A daddy is patient, kind, wise, strong, sweet, funny, sexy, intelligent, caring, respectful, mysterious, gentle, curious, loving and an all around amazing one of a kind man the kind of man you dream is your soulmate. He is the kind of man worth fighting for, worth trying for, worth waiting for. A daddy is there for you the best way that he can be, even when he can’t be there for you and when he leaves A daddy never goes away for long. A daddy will always come back home.


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